Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is the application you use to access your faculty mailbox in Office 365. You can log in to Outlook through a web browser or the desktop and mobile apps. Always use your university profile to log in to your mailbox as UČ

Signing up in Outlook for the first time?

We'll give you tips on how to sign up for the first time.

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Tips and recommendations

Priority and other mail

By default, Outlook automatically separates incoming mail into priority and other mail. The list of other (less important) mail usually automatically includes e-mails, various system messages or external newsletters. If you are not comfortable with the default split in Outlook settings, you can simply turn this feature off. Further details can be found at IT MUNI Microsoft Outlook | IT services of Masaryk University (

The Conversation

Outlook allows you to sort both incoming and outgoing emails into conversations. Conversations are created automatically and are made up of emails grouped based on subject and other parameters. If the default conversation mode doesn't suit you, you can quickly turn it off or adjust it in the settings.

Further details can be found at IT MUNI Microsoft Outlook | IT services of Masaryk University (

Automatic signature

You can set up several automatic signatures in both the web and desktop versions of Outlook. You can find the detailed procedure on the MUNI IT website. When creating a JVS signature, we recommend using the university templates. Further details can be found at IT MUNI Creating an email signature - Masaryk University | JVS MUNI templates.

Automatic replies

You can set up automatic replies in Outlook during absences. There are several possible settings you can choose from, for example, to specify to whom the automatic replies are to be sent and the wording of the replies. Further details can be found at IT MUNI Automatic reply in absence | IT services of Masaryk University (

Working with spam

Outlook offers a number of advanced settings and filters for dealing with spam and junk mail. Further details can be found on the IT MUNI website Working with SPAM in Office 365 | IT services of Masaryk University (

Calendar permissions

Outlook also includes a calendar that you can use to schedule your own events, online meetings, or book team study rooms and other rooms. The calendar in Outlook is linked to Microsoft Teams or the employee portal. You can also view a basic overview of your colleagues' events within Outlook. For more details, see IT MUNI Summary view of different calendars | IT services of Masaryk University (

Working with shared mailboxes

You can also access shared mailboxes through Outlook. If you use shared mailboxes within your workplace, they will appear automatically in desktop Outlook. In web-based Outlook, you can add shared mailboxes manually or view them in a separate window. For more details, see IT MUNI Shared mailboxes | IT services of Masaryk University (

Working with Office 365 Groups

In Outlook, you also have a section labeled as Groups. It is from the so-called Office 365 groups which represent mainly teams in the Microsoft Teams application. Practically, this means that if you create a team in MS Teams or join a team, you will see the same O365 group in Outlook. You can use such a group, for example, to send out a mass e-mail to all members of a given team. For more details, see IT MUNI Office 365 Groups | IT services of Masaryk University (

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between web and desktop Outlook?

You can access the web version of Outlook using a regular web browser. In this case, no installation or additional setup is required - you can view the web version of Outlook on any computer connected to the Internet. The desktop version of Outlook is installed directly on a specific computer and provides some specific features compared to the web version (e.g. parallel connection of other mailboxes such as Gmail, and others).

I have a address and mailbox, what happens to them after the transfer to O365?

We will migrate the contents of the mailbox to O365 (including all emails and folder structure). The original mailbox in the old system will remain available but will no longer be updated.

I don't have a address or mailbox, what happens after the transfer to O365?

Mail addressed to address (mailbox in IS) is redirected to O365. Additional setup of address and manual migration of mail from IS to 365 can be done after prior consultation with a technician.

My mail is now redirected to my personal mailbox - is that OK?

Forwarding work mail outside the IT environment managed by Masaryk University is in violation of Directive No.10/2017 on the Use of Information Technology (see IT MUNI

I am joining the Faculty of Arts as a new employee and I do not have a address yet, how should I proceed in this case?

New employees are set up with a mailbox in O365 (including a primary address in the form or Requests for such a mailbox should be sent to

Can I access my mailbox in Office 365 other than through Outlook?

The mailbox in O365 runs on the Exchange protocol. Technically, it is possible to connect the mailbox to an application other than Outlook. However, this is strongly discouraged. The main reason are the potential security problems and functionality of such applications and the limited connectivity with other O365 applications and services.

In my previous mail system I had my own contacts folder, is it possible to transfer these contacts to Outlook?

Outlook is automatically linked to the university-wide address book of all persons who have their own UČO assigned in the university system. Importing contacts from the old system is recommended especially in case of a large number of external addresses or groups of contacts. Manual migration of contacts to O365 is possible with prior consultation with a technician.

I currently use Gmail and the university's Gsuite interface to work with mail. Will the migration to Office 365 affect me in any way?

Only faculty mailboxes are automatically migrated to the O365 environment. If you are currently using the university's GSuite environment, the migration will not affect you. However, as part of the unification of the faculty and, by extension, the university work environment, we strongly recommend that you consider moving your mailbox to O365. The detailed procedure can be agreed upon in an individual consultation with a technician.

Further details and tutorials can be found on the IT MUNI Microsoft Outlook | IT services of Masaryk University (

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