Microsoft Outlook

MS Outlook is an e-mail and groupware client. It includes an e-mail client, contact manager, time and work organization tools (calendar and tasks), notes and diary. The name "Outlook" hides:

  • server applications with a web interface
  • desktop applications (PC program) for convenient usage of these services
  • mobile applications to access mail.

What Functions Does the Outlook Provide?

E-mail Client

Outlook offers all the tools for basic mail handling (messaging, replying, forwarding, multiple account connections, etc.). Advanced features such as search, filtering, message content formatting, object loading, message categorization, and more are also available.


In Outlook, you can create and organize your contacts (including several different sets of contacts and directories) and contacts from your organization's global address book. Each contact can include a rich variety of information. Individual contacts can be organized into groups.

Time Organization

Calendar features allow you to organize and schedule your own time and activities, set reminders, share the calendar with colleagues, view other users' calendars, attach documents to events, and more.

Work Organization

Outlook allows you to create your tasks (with detailed information such as deadlines, tracking progress, document loading, alert settings, etc.) and assigning tasks to colleagues. For a recording of ideas note features can be used (including attaching them to other objects - message, contact, task, etc.).

Meeting and Cooperation Organization

By combining individual modules (e-mail, calendar, tasks), you can efficiently organize collaboration with colleagues both in terms of time (designing meetings, using shared calendars, creating skype meetings, attaching OneNote notebooks to meetings), and in terms of activities (planning and assigning tasks, document sharing and more).

Outlook (e-mail) is available from the following links: Calendar is available from the following links:

Eligibility and Requirements

MS Outlook is a tool available to all users. Basic computer knowledge is required for its use. For basic use, just an internet browser is required. For more convenient use (including offline mode), it is needed to have Outlook or the entire MS Office package installed. The Microsoft 365 account is a request for usage.


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