Data Storage

Storages for Everyday Use

You might use cloud spaces of various sizes to store your common working files. They are designed for everyday use, enabling easy work with data, sharing of them between users, or enabling access to data on all of your devices (including mobile phones).

Comparison of Cloud Storages

Special Storages

To work with research and large-volume data, you can use the central network storage of MU or your faculty repository.

For data storage and processing on high-performance computing infrastructures (HPC), it is recommended to store and process the data through network storage of CERIT-SC (operated by ICS MU) or MetaCentrum computing center (operated by CESNET).

Sharing and Transfer of Extensive Data

Data storages (depositaries) enable temporary storage of extensive data, which might be shared with other (also external) users, or used for personal purposes. The service FileSender is at your disposal thanks to the CESNET association and data storage is also provided by IS MU.

Data Backup and Archiving

In order to backup data from application servers and important working stations (such as in laboratories), MU’s infrastructure offers the backup service using the Bacula system. In case of backing up data of extensive volume or their long-term archiving, we recommend using the services of hierarchical data storages of the CESNET infrastructure (in special cases also the storages of MU).

Storage for Special Use-Cases

Both at MUNI and National Infrastructure Grid (by CESNET), there is available additional storage space, that can be utilized and customized for variety of individual use-cases. For example, for storing private data that are very sensitive such as medical data. If you are interested in such special solutions, contact us, and will be happy to find tailored solution for you.

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