ARTS Data Storage at the Faculty of Arts

This service is provided by the Faculty of Arts, MU.

The data storage service at the Faceulty of Arts has been replaced since 2021 by Network File-Storage service.

You may use the faculty data storage to store large volumes of data (for example, project or research data).

Using the server

The server is used to store project data of faculty departments. It is designed primarily for larger data volumes that would be excessive for a normal storage. 

How to access the server data

  • ssh/sftp/scp encrypted protocols using programs such as Putty, WinSCP or Total Commander with a sftp plugin (not provided as standard). This connection method is not restricted in any way.
  • cifs/smb protocols, i.e. connecting server data as a network drive. This connection method is restricted. Either the computer must be in the Faculty of Arts, MU, premises, or you must first log in to the university VPN.

When you access the servers from outside the faculty, always use the full name of the server, i.e. If you are unable to connect to the server, go to I cannot log in and check whether you proceed correctly. 

Conditions for using the service

To use the server, you need the approval from the CIT FF head.
To connect, always use the full domain name, i.e.


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