Cloud and High Performance Computing

Virtualisation at MU

Cloud and virtualisation infrastructure offers space for maintaining of own virtual servers or entire virtual environments. Due to the variety of requests, it is possible to make use of two technologies. OpenStack for cloud use and VMware Vsphere for virtualisation with requests for greater availability.

In April 2019, we launched a new generation OpenStack cloud environment called MetaCentrum Cloud. For instructions on accessing and working with the new cloud environment, see the MetaCentrum Cloud / OpenStack link. For instructions on working with the original OpenStack, see Cloud Infrastructure (VMware).

Cloud and Complex Computing

Masaryk University’s computing infrastructure is secured primarily by the CERIT-SC centre (CERIT Scientific Cloud), which maintains more than 4800 cores and 4 PB of storage.

CERIT-SC is a part of the National Grid Infrastructure (NGI) MetaCentrum, an activity of the CESNET association.

CERIT Scientific Cloud