Virtualisation Platform MU (IaaS)

Users are provided with the ability to create their virtual servers and high-availability virtual environments. This is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service.

VMware vSphere  

A virtualization environment built on VMware vSphere technologies can be used to run virtual servers with high demands on service availability and data security. The environment is suitable for example for the running of various infrastructure services that are not specifically designed to run in a cloud environment. Typically, these include mail, web hosting, authentication, or file servers. 

  • maximum emphasis is placed on the stability of the operating environment.
  • for larger teams with their ICT administrators, there is the option of Virtual Server Rooms.
  • the service does NOT include the installation and management of the operating system or server applications. The user must ensure qualified management of the operating system and all running applications.

The service features partially overlap with the MetaCentrum Cloud/OpenStack service, which is recommended as a first choice. At the same time, it meets the most general requirements and scenarios. Selected properties of both environments are compared on this page to facilitate choosing an appropriate environment.

In case of uncertainty in deciding which solution is appropriate, a consultation via the "Request for Consultation" button can be used.

Geographically Separated Locations

Thanks to the fact that MU has data centers in several locations, in case of need we can provide geographic separation of the provided services. Currently, we use the data centers in the FI and ÚVT buildings on Botanická Street and in the building on Comenius Square.

Eligibility and Requirements

The service is provided free of charge to MU employees and workplaces. The service includes the virtual server creation in the VMware virtualization environment. 


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