IT Services for Users with Specific Needs

The Teiresiás Centre is a part of MU, whose main task is to ensure accessibility for students with sensory or other disabilities. For this purpose, the center provides study facilities and technical services.

Barrier-Free Study Rooms

Barrier-free study rooms equipped with assistive technologies are available for independent study for all users with special needs. These make working with a computer accessible and easier for users who, due to their disability or other difficulties, cannot work with computer technology in the usual way.

Barrier-Free Documents

The Teiresiás Centre is responsible for the accessibility of study literature for users with specific needs who cannot work with standard document formats. The primary method of making documents accessible is digitization with subsequent adaptations or conversion to a tactile form.

Barrier-Free MU Buildings

Another task of the Teiresiás Centre is to remove physical barriers in MU buildings, which can be a complication for users with mobility difficulties and make the orientation markings of buildings accessible to the visually impaired. A special virtual guide Ariadné maps the physical accessibility of the buildings.

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