Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

A majority of Masaryk University’s premises is covered by Wi-Fi network enabling internet connection from laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. MU uses Eduroam, a world-wide network, which enables internet connection at most of academic institutions around the world based on the principle of unified login.

#1 Eduroam
(Main Network)

  secondary password

Eduroam is the main wireless network at MU enabling connection to internet. This network is being used by a variety of academic institutions around the world, so you can often connect to it automatically even on study or business trips.

(Auxiliary Network)

  secondary password

Be careful, data transfer via this network is not secured! MUNI network functions as an auxiliary network. You should only use it if having trouble with Eduroam network.

1) University unique identification number
2) Your secondary password can be found/changed here.

Connection to Eduroam and MUNI networks requires authentication. Use the above mentioned login information and proceed according to the instructions below. In case you were allocated a sponsored account use the allocated login (9XXXXXX@muni.cz) and password.

Eligibility and Requirements

The basic requirement for using eduroam is an active relation to MU or other academic institution included in the eduroam project. Using of MU network is regulated by  IT usage regulation. Due to previous threats in the form of computer viruses, malware, and cyber attacks, we recommend having active firewall, updated operation system and antiviral software.

Technical specifications of Eduroam network settings

  • Security: WPA2/WPA3 enterprise
  • Authentication: PEAP
  • Domain: muni.cz
  • Certificate: ISRG Root X1 (PEM format for Linux and Android, DER format for Windows)
  • Internal Authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • Username: UČO@muni.cz (UČO@eduroam.muni.cz is no longer supported)
  • Password: secondary password MU (if you don't know it, it can be displayed and set in IS MU)​

Connect to Eduroam

Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.

Report an incident

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