Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

Instructions: Manual Certificate Installation for Android

Remove the eduroam network entry on the device

Remove eduroamCAT from the device

Restart the device

Download certificate X1

Open the Wi-Fi settings on your device, then click Additional settings

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Click Install certificates and select the downloaded certificate

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Name the certificate. If the device asks for Credential use, select Wi-Fi and click OK

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Select Eduroam from the list of networks and go to Additional options

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Choose PEAP as the method. In Phase-2 authentication select MSCHAPv2. Select the certificate you downloaded (see step 7), fill in the muni.cz domain, UČO@muni.cz as the identity, secondary password and click Connect.

In the network list, connect to Eduroam.

If you get a warning about connection failure, re-enter your secondary password. The device should connect successfully.

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Logging in to the eduroam network without certificates may risk attacks on the connected device. Please do not connect without them.

The eduroam network is protected by a firewall, but it is still very important to secure your own computer with a firewall as well.

Still having trouble with connection?

If the installation of eduroamCAT failed due to incompatibility of the Android device, the certificate must be installed manually.
In case you have trouble connecting, have a look at the  list of frequent problems.
In case you assume that the problem is on our side, you can report an incident.

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