Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

Instructions: eduroam for Windows

Open a window to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Remove the remembered eduroam network: Right-click on the eduroam network and select Forget.

Connect to the eduroam network.

Enter UČO@muni.cz and a secondary password and confirm by clicking OK.

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Click on View certificate details. Make sure you are connecting to the Eduroam network with the server thumbprint you see on the right.

If so, continue the connection with the next step; if not, cancel the connection.

For some versions of the system, the Issued to field may be hellion.ics.muni.cz instead of radius.muni.cz.

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Confirm by clicking Connect.

The eduroam network is protected by a firewall, but it is still very important to secure your own computer with a firewall as well.

Still having trouble with connection?

In case you have trouble connecting, have a look at the  list of frequent problems.
In case you assume that the problem is on our side, you can report an incident.

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