Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

Frequent Problems

For connection, we recommend using the automatic configuration of the connection and follow the instructions in the right navigation column.

Unable to login

Wrong login: it is required to enter it in full format of UČO@muni.cz (for sponsored account in format of 9XXXXXX@muni.cz)
Wrong password: verify the secondary password functionality, eventually set a new password or save your current one again. If you are an MU student / employee and you are signing up while staying at another university, you still need to use your MU login and password.

Prohibited access to eduroam

  • If an account is blocked, an explanation e-mail is sent to the user.
  • If you are an employee - you need to make sure your employment is correctly registered in the IS.
  • If you are a student - if you have ended or interrupted your studies, your access is canceled after two months, even in case you live in the dormitory.
  • If you have an interrupted study in order to work on your thesis and more than two months have passed, you can apply for a guest account. Your supervisor becomes the guarantor of this account and has to ask for its establishment - by e-mail containing information about the person for whom the account is established (name and surname, UČO, contact e-mail and the account duration)

eduroam disconnects after a while and need to re-enter the credentials

This behavior can be caused by worse signal or bad wifi card driver. Reinstall the driver or change its inappropriate settings. (In the case of a driver setting, we cannot recommend a specific configuration, as the individual drivers differ from each other by setting options. Generally, you may focus on the roaming policy options - changing this parameter can improve signal stability in places where more signals cross each other.) In case of frequent outages we recommend to set the roaming policy values to low / very low.

Unable to connect or the connection fails

Some access points (especially those located in study rooms / libraries) may be overloaded at peak hours, which may make the connection fail. In some cases, it can help if you move elsewhere, move your notebook on a desk, and likewise.

When I log in the eduroam, the computer does not offer me to enter my credentials

(Windows 10): Click Start and select Settings. From the following menu, click Networks & Internet. Then, click Manage Wi-Fi Settings. From the menu that appears, click eduroam and select Remove from the context menu.

You are running an old browser version. We recommend updating your browser to its latest version.