Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

Instructions: eduroam for Android

The Android operating system has many versions and variants from various manufacturers. In principle, the connection to the eduroam network requires creating a profile with the necessary parameters.

Technical specifications of the eduroam network settings

  • ​Security: WPA2/WPA3 Enterprise
  • Authentication: PEAP
  • Domain: radius.muni.cz
  • Certificate: ISRG Root X1 (PEM format)
  • Internal authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • Username: UČO@muni.cz
  • Password: secondary password​

To make it easier to create such a profile, the geteduroam or eduroamCAT applications were developed. For most users, we recommend geteduroam, which is simpler and supported on newer Androids. The older eduroamCAT application can be tried in case of problems, it contains more information about the current connection status. Settings are also possible manually, see below.

The following procedures are shown for Android 12, in other versions, each screen may be slightly different, but the setting procedure is basically the same. If necessary, other similar instructions for older versions can be found on the eduroam.cz website.

Android geteduroam

Download and install the geteduroam app from the Google Play Store.

Open the app and search for the correct configuration with the following entries.

Enter your login information in the format of UČO@muni.cz and secondary password.

Confirm the login process and you will be logged in to the eduroam network.

Android eduroam CAT

Download and install the eduroamCAT app from the Google Play Store.

Open the app and go to the Profiles tab.

A selection of profiles will be displayed, pick Masarykova univerzita – Android.

If the profile is not found automatically, you can search for it manually.

Alternatively, the profile can be downloaded from the cat.eduroam.org website or you can use the QR code.

Confirm the profile's installation.

Enter your login information in the format of UČO@muni.cz and secondary password and click the Install button.

If you used the correct login information and you are in reach of the eduroam network, you should be connected momentarily.

Android manual configuration

In your networks list pick the eduroam network an set up its configuration according to the following pictures.

Pick PEAP as the EAP method. As Phase-2 authentication pick MSCHAPv2. As the certificate select Use system certificates, use the radius.muni.cz domain, enter your identity in the format of UČO@muni.cz and secondary password. and click Connect.

Specific certificates

For older devices or for more precise configuration, you can install and select a specific ISRG Root X1 certificate instead of System Certificates, which you can download from this link.  

Depending on the Android version and device manufacturer, you can install it in a similar way as described below.

Open Wi-Fi settings on your device, then select Additional settings.

Select Install certificates and choose your downloaded certificate.

Logging in to the eduroam network without certificates may risk attacks on the connected device. Please do not connect without them.

The eduroam network is protected by a firewall, but it is still very important to secure your own computer with a firewall as well.

Still having trouble with connection?

In case you have trouble connecting, have a look at the  list of frequent problems.
In case you assume that the problem is on our side, you can report an incident.

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