We offer comprehensive services for your team and research: basic tools for effective cooperation, various solutions of specific requirements, and also cooperation offers.

Our goal is to create the best possible environment and conditions for your work.

Supercomputing and Storage Infrastructure

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High-performance computing and storage of large amounts of data

Cerit-SC  Supercomputer centre MU

  • CERIT Scientific Cloud computer and data infrastructure centre for research and development.
  • Research collaboration with scientific communities from many fields.
    • Assistance with e-infrastructure and data processing.

National grid infrastructure: MetaCentrum

  • Expansion and coordination of computing and storage resources of the academic community in the Czech Republic.
  • Coordination of purchases and management of software and application equipment.
  • Offer services for data processing and storage. 
    • GRID the interconnection of computing and storage capacities into a distributed unit.
    • Hadoop – distributed data storage for processing large amounts of data. Possibility of gradual collection, storage, and subsequent processing.
    • MetaCloud.

Research Software

„We helped to develop a new method for studying transport processes in proteins.“ Read

Overview of available MetaCentrum software

  • Provided by the National Grid Infrastructure MetaCentrum (NGI_CZ)
  • The list contains up to 370 items of applications.
  • Most commonly used: 
    • mathematical and statistical modeling software,
    • software for computational chemistry and molecular modeling,
    • software for structural biology and bioinformatics,
    • software for DNA sequencing and analysis,
    • technical and material simulations,
    • developmental tools and environment.

Overview of university software

Cloud Services and Virtualized Servers

Cloud Infrastructure MUNI (IaaS) and OpenStack

  • Virtual environment for launching and running own virtual servers.
  • IaaS service - Infrastructure as a Service.
  • Suitable for:
    • development and testing,
    • web application,
    • backup and restore, 
    • complex computing infrastructure.

Safe Cyberspace

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Security Incidents Reporting

  • The possibility to report a security incident.
  • Security incidents of the type:
    • threat to the security or availability of the MU network infrastructure (DoS attacks, password breaking, scanning…),
    • attacks on users of the MU network and services,
    • danger exceeding the scope of one faculty or part of MU (violation of copyright law).


  • Services are provided by the CSIRT-MU team (guarantor of the university's secure cyberspace).

Secure Access

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Log in to the university network from anywhere (from home, abroad, other universities…)
  • Access to MUNI e-resources.
  • Access to dedicated servers (resources accessible to a specific workplace or faculty).
  • Secure encrypted connection.
  • Support for operating systems for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Possibility of guest connection for persons without a university identification number (UČO).

MUNI Unified Login

  • Single sign-on through UČO and primary password.
    • Easy login to the full range of web services that MUNI offers.
    • Elimination of user account creation and password management.
  • The login data are managed by MUNI and not passed on to service providers.


Personal certificates and their obtaining

  • MUNI offers personal certificates for verifying the identity of persons within the university or for encrypted communication with authorities.
  • You can choose one of two certification authorities: 
    • PostSignum – suitable for communication with the state administration. The service is charged.
    • DigiCert – encrypted communication. The service is free.

Server certificates

  • Free certificates for web and internet services.
  • The user easily finds out that your website or service is on a verified server.
  • This is a free service.

Tools for Effective Collaboration

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Team Tools

„We have a solution that will facilitate your cooperation and communication within MU workplaces.“ Read

Office 365 Groups

  • Cooperation support, especially for smaller teams.
  • Easy document sharing.
  • Suitable for teams where all members have the same level of access to all group tools
  • For teams whose potential external members (who are not MU employees/students) do not need more than limited access to documents and a notebook.

Microsoft Office 365

  • Personal and team space for work and file storage.
  • Communication tools - e-mail, video conference, voice calls…
  • Organization of time and tasks.
  • Project management.


„Now you can easily present your team and research on the Internet.“ Read

Project and conference websites

  • Websites creation in the university-wide content management system UMBRACO.
  • A comprehensive service for creating a website from design, implementation, content filling to day-to-day operation and administration.
  • Websites types: website of the faculty, workplace, project, research activities, conferences, application website, website of other activities, and newsletter.
  • Benefits: time and cost savings, security, and content focus.  

Useful Tools

Microsoft Office 365

  • Online interface and desktop applications.
  • Storage with 1TB of free space.
  • Organization of time and tasks.
  • Personal and team space for work and document sharing.
  • Communication tools - e-mail, video conference, voice calls…

Text typesetting tool – Overleaf

  • LaTeX text typesetting web service.
  • The possibility to use templates for easy typesetting.
    • Templates for final theses, letters and presentations…
  • Temporarily purchased for users of MUNI faculties and selected workplaces a Pro license that offers additional functions: 
    • online collaboration on a document,
    • saved history of changes and versions,
    • the possibility of connection to other applications.

Video Conferencing Tools

  • the possibility of a group conference call with more participants
  • remote audiovisual conferences
  • webinars with the possibility of using interactive elements (e.g. for cooperation with shared materials)

Overview and comparison of conferencing solutions

Consultations, Support and Training

  • Expert advice and project support in the IT field.
  • Assistance with hardware specification and preparation of tenders.
  • Projects support throughout their life cycle.
  • Training of scientific teams in IT field.
  • Help with the integration of students into your projects.

I am Interested in a Consultation

Other Services

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Electronic Information Sources

Electronic Information Sources

  • Professional licensed resources purchased by Masaryk University.
  • Available to MUNI students and employees.
  • Resources include: 
    • scientific e-books,
    • magazines,
    • bibliographic databases,
    • encyclopedia,
  • The possibility to search most resources through the service
    • In addition to professional purchased world resources, it also browses the database of university final thesis at MU and the MU library catalog.
  • Connection from the university network or via virtual private network (VPN).

Local IT Support

IT departments at MUNI

  • There are many centers at Masaryk University, some of which are specialized either in their focus or in their place of operation.
  • Each faculty operates its own IT center, which provides technical support at the faculty and offers additional services.
  • Other centers: 
    • ICS – Institute of Computer Science,
    • IS – Information System MUNI,
    • SUKB – Administration of the Bohunice University Campus,
    • IBA LF MU – Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses,
    • CSIRT-MU – Cybersecurity Team MU,

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