Microsoft 365 Groups

Microsoft 365 Groups is a shared workspace for teams. It exists in several variants according to available components.

Basic Components

These are available in all Office 365 groups.

Document repository For storing shared documents. The capacity is 1 TB.

OneNote notebook, suitable for example team meetings minutes management.

A tool for operative allocation and task tracking. You can attach documents and comments to tasks.

Can serve as a signpost for team information, news releases, article publishing, and more.

Stream allows you to upload videos available only to group members.

Team e-mail Shared mailbox with address, available to all group members.  
Team calendar Calendar available to all group members. Event invitations are sent to everyone.  

Optional Components

Team e-mail Shared mailbox with address, available to all group members.

Team calendar Calendar available to all group members. Event invitations are sent to everyone.


An upgrade to the O365 group, the base is a team member chat tool. It enables fast and intensive communication and integration of other components.

Viva Engage (Yammer)
Private "corporate" social network. It also allows you to create team groups, communicate and discuss, share information and documents.

What are Microsoft 365 Groups Suitable for?

  • Collaboration support especially for smaller teams or simple document sharing for larger teams.
  • Teams where all members have the same level of access to all group tools.
  • Teams whose potential external members (who are not MU employees/students) are satisfied with access to documents, notepad, Planner or Teams (no access to team mailbox and calendar).

Personal Data Protection

For Microsoft 365 groups, whether they are created via MS Teams, Outlook or Viva Engage (Yammer), it is possible to choose from two variants of personal data protection:

Private - members can only be added by team owners - group content will only be seen by owners, members and invited guests.
Public - anyone in the organization can join - the content of the group will be seen by everyone within MUNI who searches for the group.

Comparison of Available Variants

Variants of Microsoft 365 groups differ mainly in the available communication tools.


Standard (Outlook) Group

Teams Group for Intensive Communication

Yammer Group for Discussion

Communication over

Team mailbox

Mainly the Teams application, partly the team mailbox

Viva Engage (Yammer)

Suitable for

Common workplaces, smaller project teams. Usually closed membership.

Teams that need to communicate very intensively (almost constantly), in cases where email is too slow or cumbersome. Usually closed membership.

The free teams, whose main goal is to discuss. Document collaboration and task management are rather complementary. E.g. teams discussing a topic across the university. Often groups open to all interested. 

In Addition to the Basic Components, it Contains

Team mailbox

Team calendar

Team mailbox

Team calendar


Viva Engage (Yammer) group

Tasks in Planner cannot be discussed

Establishing via


Teams. A standard group can be added to Teams at any time.

Viva Engage (Yammer)


The Teams component can be added to the standard group additionally.

If usage of Teams should be effective, all team internal communication must convert to Teams.



  • For free groups that need mainly to discuss and occasionally share some documents, create a group in Viva Engage (Yammer).
  • For other groups, create a "Standard (Outlook) group". If you later find out that you need a faster communication tool than e-mail, add Teams to your group.

Eligibility and Requirements

Microsoft 365 Groups is a service available to all users. Basic computer knowledge is enough to use it. The basic requirement for functionality is the Microsoft 365 account. For some features other applications are advisable (eg. Word for document editing, OneNote, Outlook,…).


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