Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a cloud-based application for making notes. The advantage of OneNote is an intuitive environment, a simple way to control and sync across devices. A frequent way of use is to organize your notes or making a record within teams or meetings.

OneNote lets you share individual notebooks with colleagues, mutual edit of notes, or connect with Outlook application (creating annotation pages for created meetings, linking with function tasks). In OneNote, you can create multiple notepads as well as attach shared notepads to other users or groups (for example from SharePoint).  

What Functions Does the OneNote Provide?

Making Notes

OneNote lets you create and edit notes, format their views, add different tags, filter and search notes, etc.

Organization of Notes into Units

Notes can be organized into individual units. The base is a notepad in which you can create individual sections. You can create individual pages and subpages in sections.

Insterting Objects

Into notes, you can insert a variety of objects, such as spreadsheets, pictures, hyperlinks, charts, screen slides, videos, handwritten notes, and more.

Integrative Features

OneNote can be linked to Outlook by linking to an appointment planner (automatically creates a meeting page in the desired notepad, inserts meeting information into it, and inserts a link into the email message), link to task creation.

Notepad Sharing

In OneNote, it is possible to share notepads with other users (sharing is done at the level of the whole notebook, i.e., it is not possible to share only a partition or a page), as well as open and edit the notebooks of colleagues in your application.

Eligibility and Requirements

OneNote is a tool available to all users. To use it, it is enough to have basic computer skills. For basic use, it is needed just Internet browser. For a more comfortable use (including offline use), you need to install OneNote application to your PC (included in Office 365 application packet). For OneNote, there are also applications for tablets and mobile devices. Office 365 account is necessary for the use of OneNote.


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