Security Incidents Reporting

Security incidents at Masaryk University are handled by its certified cybersecurity team CSIRT‑MU. If you believe an incident requires their attention, there are several ways to report it.

Use the e-mail address or a dedicated form (by clicking the Report a security incident button). In urgent cases, you can also call the CSIRT-MU offices directly on +420 549 494 242.

What should a Report Contain?

Regardless of a way of reporting, you should always include the following information:

1. Identification
Preferably in the form of first name, last name, UČO (personal university number). Whether you use a private or university address or a web form to report, always remember to include this trio of information.

2. Description of the problem
Try to describe in your own words, but in detail, what has happened or is happening. Every little detail will go a long way towards solving the problem because it will allow us to understand the situation better.

3. Evidence
Sometimes it is not easy to describe a problem. For this reason, we recommend that you include, for example, screenshots from your computer or fraudulent e-mail text. It is also recommended that you attach an e-mail header.

The whole process is not completed by reporting an incident. Our security experts will contact you within twenty-four hours. If necessary, they will ask for clarification or more detailed information to help fix the problem together as quickly as possible.

Incidents are handled on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00.

Report a Cybersecurity Incident

MU Cybersecurity Team

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