MUNI University Web and Webdesign Services

Comprehensive service for creating websites and web applications at MU. From design, implementation, content filling to daily operations and management. An effective solution that brings a balanced degree of centralization to website creation at MU. The university content management system also includes the institutional presentation of

We use two different solutions to create and operate university websites: the Umbraco central content management system and professional web hosting in the cPanel environment.

  • Umbraco covers the vast majority of the needs of common and specific websites. (Standard university websites.)
  • CPanel web hosting is designed for demanding and complex requirements when it is necessary to create a tailor-made solution. This solution will free you from the worries of installing and running your server.

Not sure which solution is right for you? Contact us via the request form, and we will help you decide.

Umbraco Content Management System

The Umbraco content management system is a web application in which you can manage all the agenda associated with the operation and creation of the website.

What Does the Service Include? 

Web Kit

Advanced user interface for creating web pages by your own. Everything is responsive and it is also in unified design MU.

Kit for Newsletters

Advanced user interface for creating newsletters and sending them to selected addresses incl. basic telemetry tracking (openings, clicks). Everything is responsive and it is also in unified design MU.

Web Design

Creating a basic web framework incl. sample pages, and designing the right content layout - all tailored to the data you need to present.

Advanced Features

Visitors registration, newsletters, conferences and more. By mutual agreement, we can meet also individual requirements.

Permanent Updates

We are preparing new features in a way that they are available also on sites that already exist. Bug fixes on one website will be automatically reflected on others. Continuous development also takes place in the open-source Umbraco system, on which our university solutions are based.

Consultations and Customized Solutions

We can solve specific requirements - don't be afraid to ask! The options available in the Umbraco system are constantly expanding and custom development is possible to arrange.

Advantages of Umbraco System

Time and Cost Savings

A university content management system solves many demanding operational issues - system installation, backup, site health monitoring, web standards compliance, updates, security, etc.

Focused on Content

Thanks to a single web kit, you do not need to design a website and focus only on the logical and aesthetic layout of content. You can rest assured that the appearance of the kit was designed by professionals in their field (although, like any design, everyone may not like it immediately).

Web Even Without Technical Knowledge

You don't need to be able to program or understand HTML code to create websites in Umbraco. You create website content in a graphical interface while we will arrange more complex functions for you.

Long-Term Sustainability

We will ensure the operation of websites created in Umbraco for as long as it is needed. We are continuously expanding the system with new functions.

Eligibility and Requirements

Eligibility and requirements vary depending on the type of required website. If you use the standard offer for a given type, the service is free for MU applicants. Requirements beyond the standard are always assessed individually from the perspective of general applicability at MU. The preparation of special functionality without the potential for wider use is subject to a fee and it is not always possible to meet all requirements for capacity reasons.

Faculty Website

The individual agreement is required, but in principle it is free. The costs arise with the preparation of the website on the faculty side - ICS will provide only the basic framework and user support.

Workplace Website

Maximum free bid volume. Especially individual web design incl. consultations and training to work with the system.

Project Website, Website for Research Activities, etc.

The basic design of the web structure, demonstration of work with the system.

Conference Website

The basic design of the web structure, demonstration of work with the system, conference system in default form.

Other Activity Website Demonstration of work with the system.
Application Website

Booking, registration, more complex searchable database, etc. There is the individual agreement required, usually, it is not free.

Newsletter Demonstration of work with the system.

A common base is then offered for all types of websites free of charge:

  • managing the content of the websites you create is always upon you
  • the provision of space in the Umbraco system is free of charge, the same as is its operation, security, and development in 24 × 7 mode, and user support in 8 × 5 mode,
  • technical resources (disk space, the number of pages, websites, users, visitors, etc.) are not limited in normal use.

What the Service Doesn't Include? 

The offer of a university content management system focuses primarily on efficiency, reliability and price/performance balance. For this reason, we offer some areas of web design only to a limited extent or not at all. However, we can advise you and direct you to some of the commercial entities with which the University already has experience.

Web Marketing

This area doesn't make much sense for most MU websites, so it's not centrally managed. These are mainly the use of advertising systems (Seznam, Google, Facebook, ...), creative campaigns, etc.

Graphic Studio

However, we can provide the services of external graphic designers.

Traffic Analysis

To some extent, we can help you with this area, but for capacity reasons, the offer is very limited. This includes mainly Google Analytics information and settings.



cPanel Web Hosting

What Does the Service Include? 

Web Framework in JVS HTML/CSS/JS framework in university visual style is available for your websites incl. documentation.
Infrastructure Security

The cPanel tool performs continuous automatic updates of its infrastructure and, if possible, updates of running applications (e.g., WordPress). It also includes proactive protection against common types of attacks. It, therefore, offers the highest level of security under all circumstances.

However, you need to keep in mind the security of your web application itself, especially when processing sensitive personal data. If you work with personal data, please let us know in the application request. For critical systems, the penetration testing service will also need to be requested.

Advantages of cPanel Environment

Full Control You have complete control over the web application in cPanel because you create and run it on your own.
Development of Any Custom Functions Whether you have the necessary technical knowledge or use the services of an external programmer, in cPanel it is possible to run a web application developed exactly to your needs.

Eligibility and Requirements

We can make web hosting in cPanel available to you if you require a complicated or very specific website. To make the cPanel tool available, it is necessary to contact the ICS via the request form for each website. As part of the request, please state why it is not possible to use Umbraco for the given website and information on whether you will work with personal data (names, e-mails, etc.) within the website.


Recently Launched Websites in Umbraco

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