Domain Registration Service

Each website needs its own unique address. We provide registration of Internet domains of all types (including addresses within,, etc.) and transfer of domains under the property and administration of MU in case they were registered outside this service. For registered domains, we can arrange an e-mail operation.

Domain Registration

Unlike registering a domain by yourself, you save time with us and you no longer have to worry about anything. In addition, we will ensure the sustainability of institution and project domains - for example, we eliminate the risk of not paying fees by an individual due to personnel changes and thus the loss of the domain. Eligibility and requirements vary according to the type of domain. (.eu, .com, ...)

We provide the registration of all 2nd-level domains, i.e. domains such as, etc. According to TLD (suffix .cz , .eu , ...) we select the appropriate registrar, where the domain is then physically registered.

Eligibility and Requirements

For this type of domain, it is necessary to provide financing from the own resources of the project, workplace, etc. The annual payment is usually in the order of hundreds of CZK - the amount depends on the selected TLD (suffix .cz , .eu , ...).


Registration of 2nd-Level Domain

We will create your own lower-level domains (subdomains), such as addresses, etc.

Eligibility and Requirements

The relevant 2nd-level domain ( must be managed by the ICS (i.e. established via this service) and its founder, typically the MU workplace must agree to create a subdomain.

Registration of Domain

We provide registration of addresses within the domain, e.g. etc.

Eligibility and Requirements

Addresses directly below the domain are reserved only for web sites that must meet the following conditions:

  • are created in a uniform visual style of MU,
  • their technical background is provided by ICS,
  • these are web sites of important MU activities.

In addition, these web sites should also comply with the following rules, although exceptions are possible:

To ensure compliance with these rules, all requests for these addresses are approved by the ICS director.

Registration of Domain

With the request, please also send a justification
that the web site you requested meets the eligibility and requirements.

address.(law, med, sci, ics, ...)

Creating addresses of this type is not always provided directly by the ICS, but we can arrange the registration.

Eligibility and Requirements

Usually, this type of address can be set up for any website.

Registration of Domain within Faculty or MU Part

Self-Registered Domain Transfer

If you have an MU website under management and you have found that its 2nd-level domain (, etc.) is not owned or managed by MU, it is advisable to transfer this domain under MU property. A check of the domain owner can be done through the service

A website that runs on a domain registered for a person outside of MU is at risk that the domain may no longer be used after the domain owner leaves MU. For this case, we provide a domain transfer to MU property and administration service. The condition is that the current domain owner must agree and cooperate in the transfer. 


As part of the Microsoft Office 365 service package, it is also possible to run electronic mail on the registered domain (i.e. address). All we need to launch e-mail is a list of addresses and the names of the people who have access to them.

Web Hosting

The registration of an internet address alone is not enough for the website's operation - in addition to it, you also need a server where the website will be running. It is possible to have your local server available within the workplace or the company that creates your website. However, none of these solutions is recommended for university websites. In addition to domain registration, the university also offers the service University Web and Webdesign Services, which provides a central solution for managing websites and other Internet applications.

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