FileSender is a one-time provisioning service (temporary storage) of large files provided by CESNET.

How to Use FileSender ?

  • The user uploads the file via the web interface and connects the recipient's e-mail or message.
  • The recipients will receive (via an email) a link to download the file.
  • To upload a file, you must log in through the identity federation, the service is available to all employees and students of MU as well as to most of the academic institutions in the Czech Republic.
  • The file is stored in the system for a maximum of one month, then it is automatically deleted. You can also set a shorter amount of time.
  • The size of one file can be up to 500GB.

If you need to get a large file from someone who does not have a federation identity, it is possible to create an invitation in FileSender. The other side of the communication then receives a web link to which it can upload the file. Then you will receive a link to download this file.

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