MUNI University email

MU students and employees are automatically offered university mailboxes uč and uč In addition, employees can set up a faculty mailbox via their local IT support. Mail can be accessed via a web-based interface or through applications called mail clients.

Office 365 University Mailboxes

Mail is part of the Office 365 cloud service package.

  • The mailbox is available at the O365 MU/Mail web address.
  • It has a capacity of 100 GB; you can set up an unlimited online archive.
  • The default e-mail address is uč Employees can have a faculty address set by faculty technicians.
  • By default, the mailbox is redirected to the mailbox in the MU Information System.
  • You can connect to the mailbox using various mail clients in the configuration and import a mail account instruction.
  • Mailbox settings are available in INET/User Management.

Additional Mailboxes

Most employees (at some faculties also students) have a faculty mailbox in the form of Typically, an alias is a combination of a surname and a name or a part of it. The parameters of mailboxes (capacity, configuration) differ from faculty to faculty.

The mail in the MU Information System (IS MU)

Checking this mailbox is mandatory for students; for example, you receive important messages by e-mail from the faculty or university's head. Notification for a new message is displayed on the title page of the MU IS. You can also download mail to your home computer or forward it to another regular inbox.

  • The mailbox is available in the Mail application in the MU IS.
  • The default address is uč
  • The user can set a nickname in the form of
  • Mail can be forwarded to other university or private mailboxes.
  • Mailbox settings are available in the Mail settings application in the MU IS.
  • More information can be found on the Mail Help pages in the MU IS.

MU Gmail

MU Gmail is part of the G Suite managed by MU IS. It is an e-mail inbox with the possibility of simple chat, voice, or video chat. It is possible to receive mail delivered to your IS MU mail account here.

  • The mailbox is available at
  • Mailbox activation and settings are available in the External IS Service application.
  • After turning on the G Suite service, an account named uč will be created for you. External services are available free of charge and their use is voluntary.
  • Mailbox redirection can be activated in the application of external services settings in IS MU.
  • Learn more about the external service in Gmail Help.

Which Mailbox to Use as a Primary?


Recommendation: All mail in O365

Use only mailbox in Office 365. In INET set mail forwarding from IS to Office 365. Access the mail via the web interface, or set up an Office 365 account in your mail clients.

Alternative: All mail in IS MU

Use only the IS mailbox. This is the default setting, there's no need to change anything.


Recommendation: All mail in O365

Use only the Office 365 mailbox. Have a faculty address assigned by the faculty technician to the mailbox and set it as a sending, transfer existing mail from the faculty mailbox to Office 365, and attach the mail program (Outlook, Thunderbird) to Office 365. Set forwarding mail from IS to Office 365 in INET.

Alternative: Study agenda remains in IS

If you want to have separate mail related to IS agendas (teaching/learning), then do not set redirection from IS to Office 365 compared to the previous option.

Go to o365 Mail Go to IS MU Mail Go to Google Mail

Configuration/Import of an Mail Account

Displays the configuration of university and faculty accounts and sets common mail clients.

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