ARTS E-mail Accounts and Mail

In addition to university mailboxes, which are set up automatically, each student or employee of the Faculty of Arts can have an mailbox created. Use the request form to ask for one.

The Faculty of Arts uses two systems to manage electronic mail:

  1. Microsoft Office 365 (“O365”)
  2. Faculty server

The systems differ, in particular, in where the mail is physically stored. In both cases, the address has the form

In accordance with the university and faculty strategies, since September 2019, we set up mailboxes for new employees solely in O365. Those who still use mailboxes on the faculty server can have their mail transferred to O365 as well.

1. Faculty mail in Microsoft Office 365

One of the services of Microsoft Office 365 is the management of electronic mail. Mail messages in this mailbox are stored in the so-called cloud, i.e., in a remote storage of the service provider.

The default address, automatically created for your O365 user mailbox, is UČ

When activating your mailbox in O365 to manage your faculty mail, CIT technicians set up the mailbox to use the faculty address for both, incoming and outgoing mail; however, the mail will be physically stored in the O365 environment.

The advantages of mail in O365

  • You can set up your automatic out of office reply yourself - no need to contact the mail server administrators.
  • Easy to use mobile client Microsoft Outlook for Android or iOS (in the case of iOS, you can also use Apple’s default mail client).
  • O365 recognizes spam better.
  • The online Interface of Outlook is adapted to mobile phones.

Reading mail from the O365 web interface

To read your mail via the web interface, log in using your UČ You will be redirected to the single university login page - here, enter your UČO and primary password. For details about logging in in O365, see the guide.

Mail in O365 uses online environment of Outlook to read your mail (i.e, it is not possible to use the Roundcube interface as in the case of mail on the faculty servers). Its advantage is the compatibility with mobile phones and tablets.

Reading mail using your installed e-mail client

The basic tool for using your mailbox in O365 is the program called Outlook. You can also use other programs to manage your mail, but not all functionalities offered by O365 may be available. To log in, enter your user name in the form UČ You will be redirected to the single university login page - here, enter your UČO and primary password. 

The installation of desktop clients on office PCs is performed by the CIT technicians. Use the guide to install the program on your notebook or home PC.

2. Faculty mail on the Faculty of Arts servers

Mail is stored on the Faculty of Arts servers (rosret server). When setting up e-mail clients, in this case, it is necessary to enter information about the server and IMAP and SMTP protocols.

It is always necessary to know your login, i.e., user name contained in your e-mail address (not your UČO or alias) and password, which you can set up yourself using the form in the MUNI IS: Change password for the Faculty of Arts systems (primary or secondary passwords should not be used).

Reading mail from the Roundcube web interface

To use the web interface, log in using your faculty user name and password for the Faculty of Arts systems. The web interface is not designed for mobile devices; its use is recommended only for reading mail on your computer.

Reading mail using your installed e-mail client

Usually, you can configure your mail client by entering the required data. In addition to the name and password, it is often required to enter additional information such as the server name or port.

To access faculty mail using your mail client and IMAP protocol

For this method, we recommend using Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook applications as mail clients.

Setting up incoming mail (IMAP)

Option 1

Port: 143
Use name and password: Yes
Security: STARTTLS

Option 2

Port: 993
Use name and password: Yes
Security: SSL/TLS

Setting up outgoing mail (SMTP)

Port: 465
Use name and password: Yes
Security: SSL/TLS

If you use mail at the Faculty of Arts, you can ask the CIT FoA to set up your automatic “out of office” reply

Transfer of mail from the Faculty of Arts server to O365

The transfer of all mail at the faculty to O365 will take place gradually. If you are interested in having your mailbox transferred now, contact us - we will move your existing mail from the faculty server to O365 and perform the necessary settings.

Deletion of the mailbox

After you finish your studies, the e-mail address will cease to exist. (It is possible to arrange keeping the address for a limited period or to have your mail forwarded.)

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