ARTS E-mail Accounts and Mail

Two electronic mailboxes are automatically set up for you when you join MU. The first is in the IS MU with the address UČ and the second in Office 365 with the address UČ (UČO = personal university number). You can use either of them. We recommend that you use a modern mailbox in Office 365 linked to other services used at the Faculty of Arts and MU. Before using the mailbox in Office 365, switch mail forwarding from IS to O365 in MU Inet.

Faculty address

As an employee or student of the Faculty of Arts, you can ask us to assign a faculty address to your mailbox in Office 365, usually in the form or

We recommend using Outlook or its web version to operate the mailbox. To log in, use an address in the form UČ and you will then be directed to Unified Sign-On to enter your Primary Password.

The faculty address will expire along with the mailbox 300 days after termination of employment or study at MU.

We can also assign a faculty address to a shared mailbox (a separate mailbox with access for multiple people to receive and send) or an e-mail alias (a shared address used to send messages to multiple personal mailboxes simultaneously).

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