Microsoft Teams is a tool for fast online communication, learning and team collaboration, connected to a range of other Office 365 applications. You can use Microsoft Teams across multiple devices, including your mobile phone.

Signing in Teams for the first time?

We'll give you tips on how to sign up for the first time.

First login on a work PC in the office

Introductory video

Tips and recommendations

Quick conversations without the need to create separate teams

Microsoft Teams offers a range of communication options. In addition to meetings within specific teams, you can also use instant text messaging (Chat) or quick online video conferencing through your contacts directory (Calls).

Team meetings and off-team meetings

The Microsoft Teams app allows you to create online meetings within teams and individually directly in the Teams calendar. Similarities and recommendations for each scenario can be found in clear infographics on the online learning site Recommended Tools | FF - Online Learning at FF (

Connect to meetings from several different devices at the same time

You can join online meetings in Microsoft Teams from multiple devices at the same time. You can use a second device for presenting or previewing connected users.

Hybrid and online learning

Several guidelines and recommendations for using Microsoft Teams in teaching can be found on the faculty website for online teaching Recommended Tools | FF - Online Teaching at FF (

Access to external teams

If you need access to teams outside our organization, please provide the host institution with your Microsoft profile address as UČ Once you become a guest on an external team, a confirmation will be sent to your email address. You can then easily switch between organizations directly in the Teams application.

Nápověda a návody přímo v MS Teams

An overview of all the new features and a series of official video tutorials directly from Microsoft are available in the Microsoft Teams app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can external users use MS Teams?

Yes, you can add external users to your team as guests. Before doing so, however, we recommend checking with the person whether they are already using MS Teams at their home institution and, if necessary, requesting the email address they normally use to log into the application at their home institution. Otherwise, the person can provide you with any other email address. For more details, see IT MUNI How to create access for external partners | IT services of Masaryk University (

I don't see all my teams in the team overview

Teams created through IS are automatically archived after the end of the semester, but you can still access these teams in the All Teams Administration (see If you do not find a team in the relevant list, you can contact and ask for the teams to be traced and possibly restored.

What is the difference between teams and channels?

A channel is always part of a specific team. Each team automatically contains a default channel of General. Other channels can be created additionally. All communication, meetings, file shares, and other activity then takes place in the individual channels of a given team.

Why don't some participants see the online meeting text chat?

Access to the online meeting text chat depends on whether or not the meeting was scheduled within a specific team. In team meetings, the text chat is only accessible to members of that team.

Do I have to manually list all participants in the online meeting?

People you add to the meeting as mandatory participants will automatically receive an email with an invitation link to join. You can also assign additional permissions to such users in the meeting options. However, you can send the join link to anyone else. Therefore, it is not necessary to add all participants to the meeting.

For more details, see IT MUNI How to schedule an online meeting | Masaryk University IT Services (

Further details and tutorials can be found on the IT MUNI Microsoft Teams | IT services of Masaryk University (

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