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This service is no longer provided. The content of the webpage is not current.

In the University Computer Centre (CPS), a 3D printer for all MU students and employees is available. You can print, for example, teaching aids, spare parts, plastic models, assistive visualizations and much more.

3D print principle is the creation of three-dimensional fixed objects of plastic material (PLA) based on digital files. The layers are applied in different thickness from 200 μm to 100 μm and the printing of even a small model is time consuming.

Printing time approx. 1 hour, price approx. 25 CZK
Printing time approx. 3 hours, price approx. 125 CZK
Printing time approx. 21 hours, price approx. 425 CZK

Inspiration for 3D printing of similar objects can be found, for example, in the Thingiverse model database.


Print size
The dimensions of one part of the model must not exceed 150x150x150 mm
Printing material
PLA filaments certified by Y Soft
Supported file formats
Delivery time
Depending on the size and complexity of the model, the printing process can take even several hours. The estimated time would appear before sending the print task.
Print price
1 hour of printing costs 4,68 CZK, 1 meter of material costs 9,40 CZK. The resulting cost of the model is then the sum of consumed material and printing time.

Eligibility and Requirements

3D printing is still in pilot mode. Although the task is sent to the queue by the user himself, the printing can be started exclusively by the CPS operators. Print is only available in the CPS, a file cannot be sent to print from elsewhere. Due to the complexity of printing technology, please be careful when creating and selecting the model and setting the print parameters.

For employees we print on the basis of the internal order of the relevant economic center of MU. You need to fill out the form of the Internal Order for your Economic Department, which you then submit at the takeover.

Students pay for print via SUPO.


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