3D Print Service at the University Computer Centre Terminates. Where Else Can You Try it on MUNI?

Due to the little interest of users, we are canceling the 3D print service, which could be used on a 3D printer on the premises of the University Computer Centre. However, the interested still have the opportunity to try 3D printing at other places at the university.

9 May 2022

End of 3D Print at the UCC

For almost four years, MUNI students and staff could try out 3D printing at a discounted price on a 3D printer, which was available at the University Computer Centre (UCC). Due to little interest and disadvantageous operation, we decided to end the 3D Print service.

"During the last year, there has been minimal interest from students and staff in 3D printing at UCC. However, in the meantime, we used the printer for other good purposes, for example, we printed several hundred so-called face mask strapstovek tzv. for healthcare staff from Brno, which relieved them of frequent wearing face masks," explained Vladimír Schindler, owner of the 3D Print service from the Institute of Computer Science. He also used the 3D printer with colleagues in a project with the Faculty of Education to involve 3D printing in teaching at primary and secondary schools.

However, UCC was not the only place where a 3D printer was available. Where else can you try 3D printing at Masaryk University?

Makerspace - a Place for (Not Only) 3D Creativity

In November 2021, the so-called Makerspace, a creative studio where anyone from the university can try out 3D printing, but also a sewing machine, a virtual reality set, a plotter, and a flatterer, has opened on the premises of the Philosophical faculty. The room needs to be reserved in advance, filaments (filling) for the 3D printer can then be purchased at the Information Desk on the ground floor of the library. However, before the reservation, it is necessary to complete training to work with the selected technology. You can find more information, a complete offer, and contacts on the Makerspace website.

3D Print and Teiresiás Centre

Another option where you can try out 3D printing at the university is Teiresiás, a center for helping students with special needs. It is located on Comenius Square, and the possible use of a 3D printer must be arranged in advance. Contacts can be found on the Teiresias website in the 3D print section.

Enthusiasts at the Faculty of Science

A secret tip is the arcade of the Faculty of Science on Kotlářská Street, where enthusiasts of 3D printing from the local Department of Information and Communication Technologies are seated. Here, it is possible to use 3D printing too, but first, it is necessary to contact the head of the department, Jiří Ledvinka, and agree on the details and possibilities of testing the 3D printer.

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