Autumn News in Microsoft 365

The team managing Microsoft 365 has prepared several new features for you for better security and easier management of teams. Notifications for new email senders will be added to Outlook, increasing protection against phishing. Automatic management of members in Teams will make team management much easier. And class-type teams in Teams from the fall 2020 semester will also be deleted, so we recommend that you take care of transferring and backing up your data.

9 Oct 2023

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Notifications For New Senders Will Be Added in Outlook

During October, a new feature will appear in MS Outlook in the form of a notification about new senders. So if you receive a message from a sender with whom you are in contact for the first time or with whom you exchange messages once in a while, the following information will be displayed in the body of the email:

This feature mainly contributes to protecting users from phishing. If the attacker tries to spoof the address from which you usually receive mail, the aforementioned warning will appear. For example, if you normally communicate with the faculty secretary, but suddenly you receive an e-mail from the address TAJEMN1K@FAKULTA.MUNI.CZ (where you don't have to notice the confusion of the letter), the above-mentioned warning warns you that something is wrong and it may be a phishing attack.

Automatic Management of Teams Members

From October, it is possible to use the so-called automated management of members in MS Teams, for example according to employees at the workplace or according to other rules. Groups in the MU Information System can be used to automatically manage teams in Teams. However, this function is not intended for teams intended for teaching - for those, continue to use the option to create a team in IS MU.

Don't know how to set up automatic management of team members in Teams? Contact your faculty IT department.

Deleting Class of 2020 Teams

As of November 25, 2023, class-type teams in MS Teams that were created in the MU Information System in the autumn semester of 2020 will be deleted. If you, as a teacher, are the owners of the respective teams, we recommend that you check that you have all the data transferred.

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