The Large-Format Printing Service in UCC Is Cancelled. The Plotter Went to the Silicon Heaven

Employees and students can no longer use Large-Format Printing in the University Computer Centre (UCC). The covid period caused low demand for this service, which was reflected in the higher costs of its operation.

20 Mar 2023

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The End of Large-Format Printing in UCC

For nearly nine years, employees and students could print posters, maps, large photos, or other large-format files in UCC of MU, but the use of the plotter has gradually declined. Low demand (i.e., non-use of the device) caused increasingly frequent failures, impacting the printing quality and operation efficiency. Therefore, we decided to end the Large-Format Printing service.

However, we did not make a hasty decision. We have thoroughly evaluated the service, including the cost analysis of repairing the existing machine, buying a new device, and evaluating the price of printing compared to services offered by the private sector and current printing demand. Based on the findings and consideration of all options, we decided to end the Large-Format Printing service after a few months, which allowed us to ensure we chose the best possible option.

"The last printout before the plotter went to the silicon heaven was released on October 11, 2022. Honor to its memory," said Tomáš Bejček, head of the University Computer Centre.

Where Else Can You Print Large-Format Printing at MU?

A complete printing service, including large-format printing, is offered by the 18D Graphic Studio, operating under the Department of Art Education of the Faculty of Education of MU. Among other things, it also provides graphic services for students, employees, and university workplaces, for which it has discounted prices. You can find more information and who to contact with the use of printing services on the website of the graphic studio (Czech only).

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