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Instructions: Upload files, photos, and videos

You can upload a file directly to the file directory of each group or to a conversation, whether it is a comment to a post or a private message. Yammer allows you to upload various file types, such as documents, images, photos, and videos.

Uploading a file to a group

You can upload a file as a part of a new post by clicking on the paper clip icon. You can then select whether you would like to upload the file from SharePoint, Yammer, or from your computer.

If you upload a SharePoint file, other group members will only be able to see the file if they have the correct permissions. This is because the file is uploaded as a URL link. When group members click on the link, Yammer will take them directly to the file location in SharePoint, where they can also edit the file.

You can also upload the file by clicking on the Files tab in the heading of each group. Click on Upload, select the file in your computer, and click on Upload again.


Uploading a file to a private message

To upload an attachment to a private or group message, use the upload icons in the bottom right corner. These allow you to attach a gif or a file from your computer.

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Similarly, you can also upload an attachment to a conversation in the group.

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