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Instructions: Let Yammer translate Czech posts for you

Despite the presence of international employees at Masaryk University, most of the communication between MU employees (and students) is still in Czech. Accordingly, most of the posts you will see in Muni Yammer will be written in Czech or Slovak.

This language barrier can be overcome using the Yammer translation tool, which can translate a Czech or Slovak post into English or another language in seconds. For more information on switching Yammer to a specific language, see the guide to switching languages in Yammer. All you have to do is click on the Translate button under each post.

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If necessary, you can click on Show original text to return to the original language of the post.

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While the Yammer translation tool is not entirely reliable, the translation will help you understand the gist of the message. It is a useful tool to help you stay updated and keep up to speed with current events and discussions between your Czech and Slovak colleagues.

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