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Instructions: Switch languages in Yammer (if your Yammer interface is in Czech)

As international employees, you should have your Office 365 and Muni Yammer accounts set to English as a default. However, if you see your Muni Yammer interface in Czech instead, please follow these steps to switch to English:

  • 1. Click on Settings (the gear icon) on the top left side of the screen and select the button directly below your personal icon or photo; in Czech, this will show as Upravit nastavení (Edit Settings).

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  • 2. In the top menu, select Předvolby (Preferences).

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  • 3. Click on Čeština and select another language from the list, such as English, or your native language. You do not need to save the new settings. The new language will be saved, and your interface will automatically change when you switch your language preferences.

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Once you have switched to English, you can start using the translation tool to have Czech or Slovak posts in the Yammer network translated into English or other languages, such as your native language. However, please keep in mind that the translation may be very inaccurate in the case of some languages. For more information on post translations into other languages, please refer to this guide "Let Yammer translate Czech posts for you".

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