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Instructions: Private communication in Yammer


In addition to publishing posts and adding comments to the discussion threads in individual groups, you can also use Yammer for private communication with your colleagues. The private communication function is called Private messages. 

There are two options for creating a new private message:

A) From your inbox

On the Yammer homepage, click on the Inbox icon (the envelope icon on the top left side) and then on the blue button Create Message.

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In the window that opens, click on Send Private Message. Enter the intended recipient or recipients of your message and then enter the body of your message. You can also add attachments by clicking on the arrow icon. To send the message, click on Send Message. If you clicked on Post in a Group in the previous step, click on the Post button to post your message.

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All your sent and received private messages are saved in your Inbox and are labelled Private message in the heading. To make the messages easier to navigate, you can also see the beginning of the first message and, if applicable, the beginning of the last comment, in the list of messages.

Reading message

You can read a message or send a reply by clicking on the message. The message window allows you to reply to the message, stop following the message in your inbox, move the message to a group (this publishes the content of the message in the group, making it public), or mark the message as unread.

B) From Private messages

You can also navigate to your private messages directly from your Yammer homepage. The Private messages section is located on the bottom left of the screen under your groups. Your latest conversations with your colleagues are also listed in this section.

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To send a message from this section, click on + Create a message under the list of messages or on the + icon in the heading.

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