Print Services for Students

Instructions for Scanning

Scanning to an e-mail and to your school profile is available:

  • Scan to my school e-mail – your school e-mail UČ is set by default, the e-mail size limit is 15 MB
  • Scan to my profile – documents are scanned and saved to your profile in K:, that is available in every UPS study room or via the terminal server

How to Scan to the School E-mail

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Log in using your ISIC Card or the genereted PIN code.

Login with an ISIC Card: Login with a PIN code:
    1. Select 'Scan'.

    2. Choose whether to scan the document and save it to your profile on the library PC (the file will automatically be saved to K: profile in the scan folder) or to your university e-mail (e-mail scans are limited to 15 MB; larger files are automatically saved to your profile).
    3. Name the file.
    4. Click 'nastavení snímání' and choose the format, resolution, and type of file to output (leave it set on double-sided scan, otherwise you will not be able to create a multipage file).
    5. Click the blue 'Start' button.
    6. If you want to continue scanning, click the blue 'Start' button. If you want to stop, click 'Dokončit', which will send the file to your profile or your university e-mail.
    7. Log out using the 'Odhlásit/Přístup' button located on the right side of the display.

  1. Activate the printing device with your ISIC card or generated PIN code. For scanning, touch "Scan" on the touch screen. Next, press the "Scan to my school e-mail" button.
  2. To set scanning parameters, touch the gearwheel icon.
  3. Then insert the document under the top cover of the printer. To activate the scanning, press the ENTER button (in the bottom right corner of the control panel), which will be illuminated by a blue color or an icon on the device display. Alternatively, you can use the automatic document feeder, in which case the step 4 is skipped, and after the documents are scanned, the file is sent.
  4. For a next scan, insert a new sheet of paper and press the "Scan" button. To finish scanning, press the "Finish" button. Scanned sheets will be automatically sent to your faculty mail when you click the "Finish" button. Scanning is free.


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