MUNI Terminal Servers

A Terminal Server is a computer that can be remotely operated after authentication as if you were sitting directly at its monitor. For example, you can use the software installed on the remote computer, use the data stored on it, or connect it to other devices.

Terminal Servers at MU

University PC as a Terminal Server

A regular computer can also work as a terminal server if the user needs to access it via the network. Access to your desktop computer is possible with "Remote Desktop Connection" technology. This way, the user can use the applications with expensive licenses available from his laptop. This service can only be used on employee central management PCs. 

Example of useEmployee accesses from home, for example, to licensed applications and stored data that he has on his/her work computer.

UCN (TServer)

TServer is designed to support teaching and make selected applications available from study rooms and classrooms for MU students and teachers. TServer is available for users connected in the university network or remotely via the OpenVPN service. Local profiles are used here, which are automatically deleted after 24 hours. It is possible to use the shared disk of user K to store application outputs and data.

Example of use: The student wants to use the Matlab application for 3D modeling of the mathematical function during the holidays when the MU study rooms are closed.


It provides services for scientific teams from CEITEC. It allows scientists to collect and analyze data from instrument networks. Available applications are mostly with a scientific focus, designed to visualize and analyze data. A license is required for access. 

Example of useTo work with data collected by devices such as microscopes, the user may not be physically present in the laboratory, but he can use a remote connection to the TSUKB for example from his office in another location.

Connect to UCN

Shows the connection instructions.

Connect to UKB CEITEC

Shows the connection instructions.

Contact Local IT Support

The service is only available on employee PCs. Ask your IT administrator for permission.

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