ARTS IT Support

IT Support

Please, use the form to report technical issues or other requirements related to IT at the Faculty of Arts, MU. The request will be forwarded to the responsible personnel.

Whom to contact

For general requirements, please, contact the technicians using the form or find the responsible technician in the plan for individual buildings. For urgent issues, use the hotline to contact the technician on duty on the given day.

CIT technicians are responsible for computer technology in offices and audiovisual equipment in faculty classrooms based on the following plan:





mobile number


A, B1, B2, E, F, C, D



A. Nováka 1 complex


Tomáš Najbert




Ing. Zdeněk Kubík




G, J


Gorkého–Jaselská complex

David Řikovský, DiS.




K, L,




Veveří 26-28 complex

Joštova 13

Janáčkovo nám. 2a

Kounicova 67a

Mgr. Michael Franěk




Hotline [+42054949] 1542

During the semester and exam period, the technician is present at the following times:

Monday - Thursday

7:45 am - 6:30 pm


7:45 am - 5:00 pm

At least one technician is always available at the hotline during those times.

When calling the hotline, please, let the phone ring for some time!

When to ask the CIT FF, MU service for help

  • When you encounter a problem with a computer in your office
  • When you have a problem with a computer in the classroom
  • When telephones at your workplace do not work
  • When any device in a faculty classroom behaves abnormally
  • When you need to consult anything about the devices at the faculty
  • When a device is at the end of its service life and requires disposal
Support for Employee PCs

Basic software is pre-installed in the computers located in the offices of employees. You can log on to the computers using your university account. Employees can have the same set of software installed in their work notebook.

Logging on to a PC in the study room

All employee (domain) computers at the Faculty of Arts, MU, i.e., the computers in the offices of teachers and employees of the faculty, computers in classrooms and study rooms, are managed centrally by the CIT technicians (in cooperation with the Institute of Computer Science).  

To log on to an employee PC, use your UČO and secondary password.  

The operating system and basic set of software are installed in the employee computers remotely. Users are not authorised to install any software themselves; if you require installing additional programs, please, contact us using the electronic form. 

R: network drive is accessible from employee computers. This storage can be used to save text documents, limited amounts of images, etc.

Working computers and notebooks

If you need a new computer or notebook for your office, it is necessary to consult the purchase with CIT first.

The same set of software, normally installed by the CIT technicians on employee (domain) computers, can be installed also on faculty notebooks. Because faculty departments often acquire their notebooks independently of CIT, we recommend to all employees who use a faculty notebook to contact CIT technicians and have the full software package installed. An important part of the package is also a licensed antivirus program.  

Important! Antivirus security is a necessary pre-requisite for connecting any computers to the university computer networks (including wireless). 

Cable connection to network

If you want to connect your notebook to the data socket (e.g., to print on a shared printer at the workplace), ask CIT to activate and set up the respective socket, preferably using the electronic form for reporting requests. 

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