Microsoft Office 365

Tools for Communication and Collaboration Support

What does Office 365 Provide?

  • Storing personal and team documents, sharing them and editing them together  
  • Communication tools – e-mail, text messages, voice calls, video conferencing  
  • Organize your time – share calendars and schedule appointments  
  • Organization of tasks and projects – assigning and monitoring tasks, project management  
  • Cooperation with colleagues at MU and also with external partners  
  • Corporate social network

Below are the key Office 365 applications that are divided into the most common usage contexts, such as communications, collaboration, and data storage. For a complete list of apps, see O365 components overview or visit following websites:



e-mail account at O365

communication tool


MU communication network

Team Collaboration Spaces

Data Storage

OneDrive for Business
personal working documents

Collaboration on Documents

text documents

tables and graphs


ideas and notes

Sign in to O365

Redirects you to the Office 365 web interface. Enter uč You will be redirected to the single sign-on page, where you enter učo and primary password.

Download Desktop Application

If you are not sure, follow the O365 installation instructions.

O365 Component Overview

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