Microsoft Excel

MS Excel is a spreadsheet that lets you work with data and tables, perform computing, analyze data (including statistics) and many other activities. With advanced macros and VBA programming, it is possible to perform more complex or automated computing activities.

What Functions Does the Excel Provide?

Data Tables

Excel allows you to create and edit data tables of varying size and complexity, using multiple datasheets (separate tables) within a single file.

Data Organization 

With features such as filtering, sorting, data authentication, or searching, you can edit and customize the displayed data.

Graphics View

Excel has different tools for displaying graphical data, especially in the form of different graph types.


In Excel, it is possible to apply a series of calculations and processes to data, from basic arithmetic operations to complex functions and procedures.

Data Processing

Excel contains several hundred functions of various types (math, logic, statistical, search, reference, text, conversion, and more).


In Excel, you can with others edit documents and spreadsheets together, post comments, track changes in a document, and so on.

Tools like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are available to all users. For their use, common knowledge of PC control and basic knowledge of working with a text editor, presentations and tables are sufficient. To use it, you must have MS Office package installed. The Office 365 account is required to use the collaboration features and the application logs into that account.


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