Microsoft PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint is a tool for creating and editing presentations, embedding transitions, animations, and other objects. PowerPoint also includes tools for projecting presentations, including the use of multiple monitors (imaging tools).

What Functions Does the PowerPoint Provide?

Presentation Creation

PowerPoint allows you to create and edit presentations and save them in various formats (.ppt and .pptx, pdf, set of pictures, video and more).

Visual Formatting

PowerPoint includes a number of options and tools for formatting content and editing the visual look of the presentation. It is possible to format the texts in the presentation, edit the visual style of the presentation, insert animations and transitions of pictures and content, and more.

Inserting Objects

A variety of objects, such as spreadsheets, images, hyperlinks, charts, text fields, videos, and more, can be inserted into presentations.

Presentation Projection

PowerPoint also includes features for projecting created presentations, including enhanced display when multiple monitors are used.


In PowerPoint, you can with others edit presentations, post comments, track changes in a document, and so on.

Tools like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are available to all users. For their use, common knowledge of PC control and basic knowledge of working with a text editor, presentations and tables are sufficient. To use it, you must have MS Office package installed. The Office 365 account is required to use the collaboration features and the application logs into that account.


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