MUNI Connection from Home (VPN)

When using VPN (Virtual Private Network), university staff and students might connect to the university network from home, from abroad, or from another university. When connected to VPN, your computer will behave in the exact way as it does when connected directly in the university network.


Ease of access When connected, you can make use of all services, which are available via the university network. Such services include access to MU’s paid digital libraries or access to specialized devices and equipment or university licences. 
Platform-independence You can connect to VPN using Windows, macOS, Linux and other operation systems. Concerning mobile platforms, devices with OS Android or iOS are supported.
Dedicated servers Special VPN servers for use solely by staff and students of an individual faculty or workplace with access to sources which are not offered for the whole university, but solely to a specific faculty or other unit.
Security and reliability Connection is always encrypted, enabling safe connection from unknown networks as well. VPN servers have redundant supply from autonomous supply circuits and are reliable in case of dropout.

How VPN Works

Client asks the server to create a tunnel. After the username and password are verified by the server, the client and the server create new network interface connected by a tunnel; the interface is encrypted and all data run through it.

Servers on the way then see only the encrypted communication between the client and the server and are not able to read it. The target server then deciphers data and sends them further to the internet. It looks as if the client was connected straight to the server on the outside.

Regulations of University Network

When connected to VPN, computer becomes a part of the university network. Hence, it is necessary to follow the regulations of IT usage and to preserve basic computer security. 

Guest Accounts

Guest accounts are created for external co-workers, conference or university hotel guests who cannot use their own university ID (UČO). These accounts are limited by expiration time, and allow the use of some selected services. In case you need one or more such accounts for guests, contact your computer science administrator.


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