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Recommended computer/laptop settings guide

Use the wizard to set up your work computer or laptop on your own. The first login to the work laptop must be via a cable connected to the university network. The individual setup steps are explained in the text below. Please check the checklist for correct settings, which can be downloaded via the green button on the right side.

Initial login to your computer/laptop

To log in, use your UČO and Secondary Password.

  • UČO and primary password: Every MU employee is assigned a UČO (university ID number). UČO is generated by a member of the Human Resources Department and will be given to you, including the primary and secondary passwords, when you sign your contract, no later than the day you start.
  • Secondary password: The secondary password should be different from the primary password. For example, to access Wi-Fi, Open VPN, log in to a PC or to log in to a computer in the University-wide computer lab (e.g., for training).
  • Both passwords can be changed in the IS MU Password application. More information is available on the website What is the Primary and the Secondary Passwords for.


Log in to Outlook

Use the instructions to log in to the Outlook desktop application.

  • To log in, use UČ and the Primary Password.
  • Employees have an automatically created email in the format UČ, which is managed in O365 or MS Outlook.
  • Each employee has an automatically created additional email UČ, which is managed in the IS.
  • After joining, contact the Office for Information and Communications Technologies (OIKT) via the form with your name, UČO and the required alias (for example,
  • To ensure that MS Office applications (including MS OneDrive and MS Outlook) work properly, change the license in Inet to A3 - employee.
  • You can also set the language to be used by MS Office.
  • It is recommended to actively use calendar sharing.
  • Create your personal certificate by following the instructions. Then import the certificate into MS Outlook.
  • Set up an automatic signature.

Log in to MS Office

In case you have correctly logged into MS Outlook, you can use MS Office straight away. In some cases, it takes up to 24 hours to link the license. In the meantime, you may see a login window.

  • MS Office is also available on the web at ("Web Office").
  • To log in, use UČ and the Primary Password.
  • Possibility to install MS Office on other devices (mobile phone, tablet, home computer).
  • To connect your own photos to Office (including MS Teams and email communication), follow the description.

Log in to MS OneDrive

Follow the instructions to log in and synchronise correctly. Leave all folders (Documents, Desktop and Pictures) selected in step 6. Just click on the Next button! ATTENTION: The instructions are valid for laptops. For desktop PCs, your IT department.

  • To log in, use UČ and the Primary Password.
  • All files are synchronized and backed up (especially Desktop, Documents, Pictures).
  • Always save files to OneDrive for syncing and backup purposes.

Log in to MS Teams

To log in, use UČ and the Primary Password. The default is UČ, which MS Teams will not log you in with, so follow the instructions!

  • MS Teams is the university's main communication tool and MS Outlook.

Eduroam Wi-Fi connection

To connect, use UČ and the Secondary Password.

  • For proper functionality, if you are not yet connected to the network by cable, use the MUNI auxiliary network, where you log in using your UČO and Secondary Password.
  • In case you are connected by cable, or you have connected using the MUNI network, then follow the instructions.

VPN - Connection from Home

You will find the OpenVPN application on your computer. You log in to this application using UČO and Secondary Password.

  • Always use a VPN if it's a public Wi-Fi network, whether it's password-protected or not.
  • Instructions for installing and setting up VPNs on other devices are available here.

Economic and personnel systems Magion (Rumbur)

For the operationalization of economic and personnel systems, the head of the workplace should be contacted to arrange approaches with the head of the Finance Office or Personnel Office (HR). The subsequent commissioning of the application will be handled by an IT technician.

Setting default applications

To make it easier to work with some file types, set up your default applications as instructed.

More information and training

Supported browsers

Software catalogue in the device

  • If you have a device in Central Administration (logging in with a UČO and Secondary Password), you can use the Software Center. Follow the instructions to install the applications.
  • The range of software available for installation is listed on the website.

MU Employee Portal - intranet

  • The portal can be accessed at
  • Use your UČO and Primary Password to log in.
  • On the MU Portal, you will find information from the dean's departments (always distinguished by faculty green).
  • An introduction to the MU Portal is available on the website.

Other university systems and training

Contact to the IT department

The full text of the document is available here. Further information required to join the Faculty is published in the Handbook for Employees.

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