Microsoft Office 365

Instruction: O365 Language and Time Zone Settings

Language Settings

The language needs to be set on several levels – some applications have their language settings.

  1. INET Settings – a basic change of preferred language for various Office 365 applications
  2. OneDrive – the language change is overwritten in Web applications such as Word online
  3. Outlook Web App – the change of Outlook online, the language of mail folders settings
  4. Teams
  5. OneDrive
  6. Sharepoint/Office 365 groups
  7. Yammer
  8. Stream


The main language and time zone settings can be done in Inet.


Language settings for OneDrive affect the language settings for other applications - Word, Excel ...

It is possible to use a direct link where you replace the text "UČO" with your UČO.

Or you can follow the steps below.ČO_muni_cz/_layouts/15/muisetng.aspx

Switch to OneDrive in Office 365. Click the gear wheel in the upper right corner and select Nastavení OneDrive.

In the left pane, select Další nastavení and Jazykové nastavení.

Click at Zobrazit rozšířené nastavení.

Select the language you want to use in OneDrive and tap Uložit.

Outlook Web App Interface and Mailbox Names Settings

Click at the link and select the language and time zone.

The change of the default folders names:
If you leave the "Přejmenovat výchozí složky, aby jejich názvy odpovídaly určenému jazyku" checked, then in addition to the Outlook interface language, the basic folders (Inbox, Sent Mail, etc.) will be renamed on the website. This change will be reflected not only on the web but also in email clients. In the case of MS Outlook, this is not a problem, but for some clients, it may lead to duplication of some folders or storage of some messages (e.g., sent or deleted mail) in other folders. If you use clients other than Outlook, we recommend making this change only when you start using Office 365.

MS Teams

Click on the icon with your photo/initials in the upper right corner and then on Nastavení.

On the Obecné tab, select the desired language. Then you need to refresh the Teams page.


SharePoint takes over the user's language settings in Inet, and the language selected by the user should be used automatically.

If a SharePoint or Office 365 group displays the wrong language, you may need to add the correct language to the SharePoint space. The SharePoint owner must do this following the instructions below.

Go to the SharePoint space for which you need to add a language and click at the gear wheel in the upper-right corner and then Nastavení webu.

In Správa webu section click at Nastavení jazyka.

Click at Zobrazit rozšířené nastavení.

Fill in the required languages and at the bottom of the page click at Uložit.


In the Yammer application click on the gear wheel and then the Upravit nastavení option.

Select the Předvolby tab and change the language.


In Stream application click at the gear wheel and then Moje nastavení.
Warning! Below - in the menu - can be found Jazyk a časové pásmo - změnit jazyk – this setting is not working for Stream!

On the next page, select the desired language.

Time Zone Settings

The time zone of the user's account can be set within the mailbox in Office 365.



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