Employees and PhD students at the Faculty of Science MU can use the Writefull tool for writing professional texts. It is an additional tool to Word and 3 other interfaces, which for the writer of a scientific text in English both corrects the quality of English and modifies the scientific style of the text as well. Writefull is a product developed especially for researchers and students, its feedback is adapted to academic writing and using this tool increases the quality of scientific texts. Management of the Faculty of Science MU has decided to offer this tool to all employees without difference.

How to use

In case you are an employee of the Faculty of Science and you do not have the @sci.muni.cz email, please contact the faculty ICT department using the email in order to set it up. Specify:

  1. What email name do you want to set up for @sci.muni.cz, e.g. Ledvinkaj@sci.muni.cz (small and capital letters do not matter, it will always be small).
  2. What is your primary alias, resp. what address do you primarily use (e.g. UIN@muni.cz or UIN@mail.muni.cz, @physics.muni.cz, @math.muni.cz).

Get Writefull

Writefull for Word

Installed as a Microsoft Word add-in.

For all users there is an installation link: https://www.aip.cz/podpora/nastroje/2528-writefull-for-word-startovaci-balicek/.

In case you have administrator access rights on your PC, you can install Writefull directly using this link. If you do not have the administrator authorization on your PC, contact the PC system administrator responsible for your workplace. If you do not know who your administrator is, contact ovt@sci.muni.cz (locality Kotlářská) or cit@ukb.muni.cz (locality University Campus Bohunice).

To activate Writefull for Word , it is necessary to create an account for Writefull, for which employees will use their working email with the suffix “@sci.muni.cz” and any password and PhD students will use their IS email in the form “UIN@mail.muni.cz” and any password.

Writefull for Overleaf

Can be used after installing the add-on in Chrome from  https://writefull.com/researchers.html.

The service is provided and operated by the Office for Information and Communication Technologies of the Faculty of Science (OICT SCI).

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