ARTS Rental of AV Equipment
This service is provided by the Faculty of Arts MUNI.

If you are a student or an employee of the Faculty of Arts MUNI, you can use AV equipment provided by the local CIT workplace for the purposes of teaching and research.

1. Basic video equipment This set of devices includes up to 3 videocameras, tripods, LED panels and/or daytime lights in a softbox and up to 2 wireless lavalier microphones.
2. Advanced video equipment This set consists of up to 5 videocameras, DSLR camera, tripods, LED panels and/or daytime lights in a softbox, up to 4 wireless lavalier microphones and up to 2 directional microphones. External sound recording is also available.
3. Audio equipment This set provides the option of recording sound: up to 4 directional microphones and/or up to 2 handheld microphones, 1 collar microphone and 1 lavalier microphone. It is also possible to borrow 2 loudspeakers.
4. Photo equipment The set consists of a DSLR camera, 24-85mm lens, wide angle and tele lenses, together with the tripod and backpack.
5. Streaming equipment This set enables streaming from the videocamera or webcam and using a manual or directional microphone.

Conditions for providing the services

The service is available primarily to the staff and students of the Faculty of Arts MUNI. If students are interested in hiring the devices, they should demonstrate the connection between their project and education or teaching or research at the faculty and also ensure participation of a relevant academic worker. The devices are provided based on a signed contract of rental, where the renter takes over all responsibility for the entrusted items for the period of validity of the contract. The list of borrowed items will be indicated in the contract.

  • The renter can be a student or a person with any employment relationship to the Faculty of Arts MUNI.
  • The borrowed devices should be collected and returned at an agreed time. The condition and functioning of the returned devices will be checked by the engineer of the video studio.

The CIT FF video studio is not responsible for the data stored on the returned SD cards. Always make sure that you have copied all the data from the SD cards. If you want to have your data copied by the video studio staff, let them know in advance.

Submit your request to hire AV equipment at least one week in advance. The form specifies the details to be included in the description so that we can accept the request. After submitting your request, please, wait for the confirmation e-mail from the video studio staff. They will confirm that the equipment can be provided and ask for more information, if necessary.

GDPR-related requirements should be addressed by the person who orders the service. Rental of AV devices can be refused for capacity reasons. In the event that you cannot use the requested devices for reasons on your side, please inform the video studio as soon as possible.

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