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Video Studio

The CIT FF Video Studio primarily focuses on recording videos for teaching and research purposes. Part of our work is also making videos and courses for the public under the Humanities Open Wide faculty platform.

Services of the Video Studio

Pro Filozofickou fakultu naše služby poskytujeme zdarma. Pokud nejste z Filozofické fakulty a máte zájem o naše služby, máme připravenou nabídku i pro jiná pracoviště MU. Pro více informací nás prosím kontaktujte.

1 AV recording in the recording studio

The recording studio is fully available to all who require a suitable, quiet space to record their own video or audio for teaching or research purposes. Expert assistance from the video studio staff can also be used in the event of interest and if arranged in advance. We will be happy to help you find the right technical solution, we will set up the necessary equipment and, if you wish, we will make and process the recording so you do not have to worry about anything.

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2 AV recording outside the recording studio

Do you need to record a conference or a lecture of a professional or guest from another academic institution? Do you organize all-faculty events, such as Open Day, assessment meeting, etc.? Do you want to have a better quality video than the automatic recording in classrooms offers? Do not hesitate to contact the video studio staff!

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3 Processing the AV recordings

The recorded material has to be processed into a form, which can be presented to your audience or students. If you wish, the video studio staff will be happy to process your digital recording for teaching or research purposes.

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4 Rental of AV equipment

Do your lessons take place in a room where there is no automatic recording system? Do you need to make a recording of a rhetorics class, presentation skills, interpretation practice, etc.? Will you need to record interviews with respondents to your survey? We will be happy to provide you or your chosen student representative with the necessary devices as well as training in using them.

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5 Streaming

Do you want to share your event with your audience or students in real time? No problem! Typically, this includes conferences or lectures of professionals or guests from other academic institutions. We can provide streaming with one or more cameras. The event can be shared in real time on YouTube or Facebook, but also recorded at the same time so that you can keep the recording after the event.

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6 Preparing, recording and processing educational videos

Do you need to create your own educational video for your students, but do not know how? Are you working on an online course for the public (e.g. MOOC) and need help with your part? Are you preparing a subject to be offered to students remotely? We are here to help you design it, prepare scenarios and prepare the recording itself. We will recommend a suitable video solution for you, provide a quiet place for recording and attend to the recording and processing.

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7 Consulting and training

Are you going to create your own video for teaching or research and would welcome advice on preparing the script or recording itself? Do you consider your own prospective videos that might help you in teaching your subjects? Do you need advice, which technical solution is appropriate for your plan? Do you have AV equipment at your workplace that you need to learn to use? Have you made a recording for your teaching or research and need help processing it? Take part in our training or contact us straight away! We will be happy to discuss everything you need.

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8 Taking portrait photos of faculty employees

If you need to take portrait photos of your employees, for example for a conference website or workplace (or other promotional materials), you can use an employee photography service. This service can only be used by FF MU employees. For details, please visit the service page.

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Ordering services

Due to the capacity of our workplace, we are only able to answer a limited number of your requests. Please, submit your request at least one week in advance.

Below, you can have a look at the schedule of upcoming recordings and other events when we cannot be available to you.

Our work and behind the scenes

In recent years, we had the chance to work on several faculty and university projects. It is a challenge and a pleasure for us to be able to take part in such events.

Take a look at selected videos and behind the scenes from their making

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The video studio team

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production, director, camera, editing

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Bc. Martin Koláček

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Bc. Martin Ingr

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Štěpán Chalupa

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Benedikt Kyselka

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