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Timetable of the Programme to Promote the Use of Technologies in Education

  • 18. 7. 2022

    Project submission starts

    From 18. 7. 2022, you can submit your project proposals for the Programme to Promote the Use of Technologies in Education. Submit your project via the ISEP project management information system in INET.

  • 18. 7. 2022 – 21. 8. 2022

    Submitting courses and consultations

    If you have any questions regarding the Programme to Promote the Use of Technologies in Education, you can arrange a consultation in the E-learning Office. The consultants of the E-learning Office can help you with, e.g., submitting your project or selecting appropriate technical solutions.

    If you want to create educational videos in your project, you can use the service of our video studio. For capacity reasons, the form of cooperation with the video studio has to be agreed in advance. You should consult the video studio engineers no later than the end of the project submitting period, i.e. before 21. 8. 2022. If the cooperation has not been agreed in advance, we cannot guarantee that the requested assistance from the video studio will be available.

  • 21. 8. 2022

    Project submission closes

    Projects can be submitted until 21. 8. 2022. No submissions are possible in INET following this date.

    The proposal has to be approved to be included among the projects to be evaluated. The preferred method is the electronic approval, as it takes place entirely in the INET environment. After the project is submitted for approval and approved by the project administrator, is still has to be approved by the head of the E-learning Office. This approval does not mean that the project as a whole has been accepted, but only that it will be passed to the evaluation process.

  • 21. 8. 2022 – 11. 9. 2022

    Evaluation of projects

    After the end of the project submission period, the registered projects are distributed among the evaluators. Each project is evaluated by two evaluators, typically employees of the CIT FF E-learning Office. The overall evaluation of the project is the arithmetic mean of the two scores. In the event that there is a significant difference in the evaluation of the project by the evaluators, the evaluation of such a project will be discussed by the panel of evaluators during the meeting on which the final order of the projects is determined. Eventually, the projects are ordered by their received scores. Projects to be accepted are identified based on this order.

  • 21. 9. 2022

    Project evaluation results announced

    The results of the project evaluation will be e-mailed to the leaders of the participating projects by 12. 9. 2022. The evaluation will include information about the approval or rejection of the project and brief comments from the evaluators of the project. If you want a more detailed feedback, please, send your request to elf@phil.muni.cz.

  • 12. 9. 2022 – 31. 12. 2022

    Working on projects

    The services of the E-learning Office can be used throughout the period of working on your projects. Send your questions and requests directly to our e-mail elf@phil.muni.cz.

    When scholarship is to be paid to your assistants, send an e-mail entitled “Scholarship Payment Request” to sterbova@phil.muni.cz, indicating the name and code of your project, names and UČOs of your assistants and the amount to be paid to each of them.

    In total, 4 payment dates are available during the calendar year:

    • First payment May 15 2021
    • Second payment June 15 2021
    • Third payment September 15 2021
    • Final payment November 15 2021

    In exceptional and duly justified cases, it is possible to ask for payment also in other times. If you request payment outside the regular dates, please, use the office e-mail address elf@phil.muni.cz.

    The assistance of the E-learning Office is not limited only to the leader and assistants participating in the Programme to Promote the Use of Technologies in Education. If you have any questions related to e-learning or using technologies in teaching, send it to elf@phil.muni.cz or arrange a consultation.

  • After 31. 1. 2023

    Complete the final report

    At the end of your project, please, complete the final report in the editor of accepted projects in INET. In this report, indicate what you have created during the work on the project, whether there have been any changes from the original plan, how your assistants contributed and possibly also include the students’ feedback on your project.

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