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How to Create a Project in INET


  • Editor of project proposals

    In INET in the “Research and Development” section click on “ISEP - project management information system” and in the “Project proposal database” subsection click on “Project proposal editor”. Or use the link button below:

    Project proposal editor:

    Editor návrhů projektů

  • Select a template

    In the project proposal editor, in the section “New proposal” select the current template for the Programme to Promote the Use of Technologies in Education.

  • Title and annotations of the project

    Fill in the title of the project and its brief annotation and then click “Save” at the bottom. The project will be created and you will be able to continue editing it. The title, annotation as well as other information about the project can be changed until you close the project proposal and submit it for approval.

  • Filling in the project

    Now you have access to the whole agenda of the project, which you can navigate using the tabs at the top of the page.

    When a specific agenda is displayed, the button to edit the respective section is usually displayed at the top of the page.

  • Sharing and collaboration on the project

    If you want someone to collaborate on the project, it is necessary to grant them the required permissions for the project. Go to the last tab “Authorization” and click the “Add Authorization” button. Then select the person you want to authorize and indicate whether the person will be only allowed to display your project (read) or to make modifications as well (write).

    If you want to consult your project, arrange a consultation and share your project for the E-learning Office representative with read-only permissions.

  • Human resources

    Information about individuals involved should be entered on the “People” tab.

    The investigator of the project must be an academic worker at the Faculty of Arts MUNI.

    The administrator of the project should be the administrator of the Programme - Mgr. Lucie Štěrbová (UČO 383080).

    List all your student assistants engaged in the project in the Members of Implementation Team section.

  • Conclusion and approval of the project

    When all the project details have been filled in and you are sure that you do not need to make any changes, close and submit the project for approval. This can be done in two ways:

    1. Electronically: First of all, download the project proposal from the “Approval” tab and upload the file on the “Documents” tab to the project documents. This will enable the option “Close the proposal and approve electronically” on the “Approval” tab. This is the preferred form of submitting the projects.
    2. Traditionally, on paper: On the “Approval” tab, click the “Close the proposal” option and download the project proposal together with the cover sheet. Print both files, sign the cover sheet and send both documents to Mgr. Ludmila Horáková. If you use this option, please, inform us by e-mail: elf@phil.muni.cz.

After the electronic submission, the project has to be “approved” within the ISEP in order to be passed further for the selection procedure. The electronic approval in ISEP only indicates that your project has qualified for the evaluation process.

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