ARTS Print Services for Employees

At some workplaces, the Faculty of Arts staff can use the central printer. Compared to small desktop printers, it has especially the advantage of lower costs of printing.

Central printers 

In addition to the small desktop printers, some Faculty of Arts workplaces also have a central multi-function printer. These printers run the SafeQ system and they are available at the workplaces in the buildings A, B, C, D (one printer of this type is also in the building G). Printing using these printers is available only to the staff of the respective workplace.

Costs of printing 

Each workplace pays the costs of printing individually. To replace toner, contact the supplier. Information about the supplier including contacts is available in the contract with the supplier for buildings A, B1 and B2 and buildings C and D. 

It is recommended to print using large printers mainly because of the lower cost. Based on our survey of buildings A, B1, B2 or C and D, the price is much cheaper.

Comparison of costs for printing

  Price for black & white printing (CZK/page)  Price for full colour printing (CZK/page)
 Large printer 0.14 0.55
 Small printer 0.75 (average) 3.54

* The data in the table is based on the above mentioned surveys, where the prices are broken down based on printers. The price of black & white printing using small printers in the table is the average price based on all prices for small printers.

Printing from home

It is possible to print from home using the large printers. In this case, the document is sent to the print queue and prints only when you access the printer and use your employee/ITIC or ISIC card.

To print from your home, make sure the following conditions are met:

  1. SafeQ client is installed (read more at How to print from home).
  2. You are connected to the network via a VPN.


Conditions for providing the services 

You must be employed at the workplace, where the multifunction printer is located.

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