FSS Lecture Rooms at FSS

Do you experience troubles with starting, setting up, or not working technology?
Call 549494096 or send a message.

We will help you to solve problems with audio-visual and computer technology in lecture rooms, computer lab, and auditorium at FSS. In PC25 and PC26, we also offer support for electronic testing. Last but not least, we manage and provide access to lecture rooms and auditoriums.

Technical Equipment and Lecture Rooms Support

All lecture rooms at FSS are equipped with computers, projection equipment and sound systems. If you have a problem with starting, setting up or not working technology, please contact us: 549494096, 549493609, 549495259, 549491907 in the order shown.

We prepare lecture rooms for the needs of teaching and research, we provide videoconferencing and recording lectures. We manage software in the PC25 and PC26 lecture rooms.

Teachers and Lecturers Training

Before the start of each semester, teachers are offered individual training in the use of technology in the lecture rooms via a bulk e-mail. On request we provide individual training by a technician.

On the document server (requires login to IS MU), we publish and make available manuals for working with technology.

Exam Mode in Computer Labs

We offer exam modes in PC25 and PC26. For more information, see Exam Mode at Study Rooms.

Access to Lecture Rooms

Access to the PC26 and journalism lecture rooms is regulated by an electronic access system. Access to PC26 is set by Mgr. Michal Tóth, accesses to MSŽ is set by Bc. Petr Barták.

Keys from lecture rooms and auditoriums can be picked up at the gatehouse. Keys from technology boxes are only required in the largest auditoriums HallP31P51. In the others, control and connection points are available without the need to unlock the technology box.

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