SCI IT Support for employee PCs

Employee computers located in the individual offices of the Dean's Office are equipped with a pre-installed basic software and can be accessed using the respective university account. The same software package can also be installed on a university laptop.

Logging in to a PC in an office

All employee (domain) computers located in the Dean's Office of the SCI, i.e. computers located in the offices of the Faculty management employees, are administered centrally by the OICT staff (in cooperation with the Computer Technology Department of Masaryk University).

The user logs into the employee computer using their personal university ID (UČO) and secondary password.

The operating system and the basic software package are installed remotely on the employee computers. The users can install additional software themselves using the Software Centre tool. If the required software is not available, the user must contact the OICT technical support.

University computers and laptops

If you need a new PC or a laptop for your office, you can consult the purchase with OICT SCI or you can buy it from the INET store.

The same software package usually installed on employee (domain) computers can also be installed on Faculty laptops. Given the fact that the individual Faculty departments often acquire laptops separately, outside technical centres, we recommend that all employees who receive a Faculty laptop have the OICT technicians install the entire software package.

Please note! Antivirus security is a necessary prerequisite for connecting any computer to a university computer network (including wireless). Domain computers have an antivirus program included in the Windows OS.

The service is provided and operated by the Office for Information and Communication Technologies of the Faculty of Science (OICT SCI).

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