Tips and Tricks for Educators How to Master Online Teaching

The second - entirely online - semester has started. If you are still groping or need help with what you can use at MUNI as a teacher for your online teaching, look at the overview of tools and other tips.

10 Mar 2021

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Online Teaching at MUNI in General

As educators, you have probably already found that it is appropriate to use a combination of various tools and platforms for different ways of online teaching (seminars, lectures, exercises, etc.). At MUNI, trained experts are available to advise you while choosing the right solution. Therefore, if you have questions or concerns, do not be afraid to ask either e-technicians or ServiceDesk.

MS Teams - an Effective and Universal Tool

If you somehow managed to teach online, even without MS Teams, hat off to you. We strongly recommend you get acquainted with this tool for cooperation, communication, and organization of your seminar groups and lectures and explore the possibilities of using MS Teams for your online teaching. On this page, you can find inspiration and examples of how to use MS Teams for different education situations and what other alternatives for them you have (e.g., Zoom).

Take a look at the top 5 most popular instructions and recommendations for MS Teams related to online teaching.

MU IS - the Basic System for Teaching

You can find comprehensive options for remote teaching, general tips, specific tools, and instructions together with shared experiences and inspirations from other teachers in the MU Information System. It is the main signpost for online education. In addition to the organization or registration of teaching itself, it also offers teachers the opportunity to submit assignments or online testing, the help of e-technicians, and a lot of other information.

Matej Antol from FI MUNI is smiling because he has the most modern and effective tools available for his online teaching at Masaryk University.

Make an Appointment through Tudle

Do you need to arrange a meeting according to the individual's time preferences? You can now use the Tudle application at MUNI, developed by the MU IS team, as an internal tool and equivalent to the well-known Doodle.

The meeting organizer creates voting options in the application, and the addressed participants choose a date from the menu at the sent link. The application can also be used if a participant who is not a MU IS user is supposed to vote. Using the application is intuitive, and you can find it here.

Recommendations and Tips for Online Teaching

In case you are entirely groping, or you would like to improve your online teaching and use new didactic methods and procedures, we highly recommend the website of CERPEK, the Pedagogical Competence Development Centre at Masaryk University.

As colleagues from CERPEK state, they do not burden those interested by theories but aim to develop their competencies through their activity. They organize courses focusing on various areas, some of them you can watch from the recording and others you can still enroll in.

Another novelty is the possibility of individual consultations focused on methodological and didactic support of online teaching (i.e., not technical solutions). That's why you can consult with CERPEK experts, regardless of which tools and online platforms you prefer.

We recommend you take a look at the nicely designed pages dealing with online teaching at MU FF. There is a lot of relevant information for every teacher, regardless of affiliation to any faculty.

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