New Features in MS Teams will be Appreciated not only by Teachers

Add a calendar to the team channel or the option to disable and re-enable chat. Take a look at an overview of what's new in working, teaching, and studying at MS Teams.

4 Feb 2021

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Add a Group Calendar to your Team

Each group now has the opportunity to add a calendar in their Team channel (classes, seminars, course) for better clarity of scheduled events. This is especially suitable for teams that meet more often and want to have a quick overview of their meetings directly in the MS Teams environment.

How to add it? Click the plus button (or Add Tab) next to the appropriate channel's menu items. A window will appear (picture on the left), and you will select Channel Calendar (picture on the right).

Please note that the calendar added in this way is not visible to guests (externalists).

Meetings without Interruption - the Ability to Disable Chat

Are you organizing a meeting where you do not need to have an open chat, and you want to avoid possible interruptions? Or do you want to access the opportunity to ask only at the end (for example) of your lecture?

New is the possibility to disable - and also re-enable - meeting chat. This setting only lasts for the duration of the meeting at which you choose it. You set in the meeting options next to the Allow meeting chat.

Select Specific People to whom You Want to Assign Higher Permissions

When scheduling a meeting in a team channel, you can pre-select permissions for a specific person in the team meeting. For example, in the classroom - if you don't want students to mute each other (or even throw each other out), you can set in advance which of them will be the presenter and have decisive rights. You don't have to look for these predefined people again during the meeting.

New Background Gallery in "Together" Mode

Do you use the display of participants in the "Together" mode, in which you see them all on one screen? Then you will certainly appreciate the offer of new backgrounds for different numbers of participants.

Extend Appointments to Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar and want to see Teams events displayed in it, you can add an add-on that lets you choose whether to add a link to a Teams meeting when creating events from your Google Calendar. And once completed, you can also set meeting permissions (see the event image below).

Please note that the connection of this add-on is without our support (in case of problems). ...

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