Easily Manage Your Tasks Directly in Outlook

Today, more than ever before, you will probably appreciate helpers in the form of applications that will help you organize the tasks and commitments that come to you in the digital world from multiple sides. Therefore, we have prepared a series of articles about the tools you can use at the university for task management. Let's start with an application that is well known and used - MS Outlook.

25 Mar 2021

At Masaryk University, more than half of the employees use MS Outlook for sending emails and as a calendar. We will focus on another of its basic functionalities, which is task processing.

Simple and Effective Work with "Flags"

One of the most frequently used forms of tasks is the so-called "Flag", i.e., small colored flags, which you can use to mark received emails with a possible task and immediately set reminders. Emails marked in this way will also be displayed immediately in the so-called Tasks (see the picture below), and you will also see a label directly next to a specific message among all your emails. So since now, you don't overlook any in a flood of messages.

But that's not all. In addition to the email flags, you can create a task for yourself in Outlook or assign it to another person. You will also find the mentioned flags in these tasks.

If - for example, during meetings - you use OneNote and some tasks will arise in the minutes, you can mark them with a "Flag" (yes, just like with email), which you will then find again in the Outlook list of tasks!

Short Summary

  Where to find it? Flags (also from OneNote) I can find the task summary at:
Outlook Desktop Installed in computer (link to the set in Office) Yes Task
Outlook Web Outlook.office.com (web interface) Yes To Do (more info about this tool in the next article)

Tasks management using Flags directly in Outlook, which many people at MUNI use for mail and as a calendar, is intuitive and simple. Many users already use Flags, and we believe that you will also enjoy their help in organizing your work.

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